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about dental care

Do you have dental care? Millions of Americans aren't so lucky. According to the U.S. surgeon General, 120 million Americans lack dental care. But if we all do our part to help, the results can be powerful -- and doing something as simple as clicking daily can bring dental care to those who need it.

about Dental Health for All™

The Tom's of Maine Dental Health for All™ program supports community organizations that provide dental care to people who would otherwise go without. By clicking every day you will help fund comunity-based clinics that are working hard to fill the gaps in dental coverage and access. With your help, children and adults alike will get the dental care they need to stay healthy and happy.

how Tom's of Maine helps

Tom's of Maine has brought smiles to communities through their Dental Health for All program. Here are some of the program's results over the past few years:

* 25 school and commmunity based dental clinics have received grants from Tom's to increase patient capacity and improve or expand their patient services.
* Nearly 60,000 annual patient visits can now be scheduled.
* Over 238,000 tubes of free toothpaste have been given to underserved children and adults.
  • * The award winning "Dental Health" episode of the Tom's sponsored Healthy Body, Healthy Mind consumer health series has aired more than 150 times on public television in more than 106 million households across the country.

    how your click helps

    100% of the donations generated by this click-to-donate go to Tom's Dental Health for All. Contributions are funded by sponsors who have agreed to pay to be featured on this click-to-donate. If during a period there are no paying sponsors, Care2 has guaranteed to make a donation of at least $1/CPM. No matter what, every time you click, (up to once per day) you will be generating a donation to support Tom's Dental Health for All. Care2 pools all of the daily donations and delivers these funds to Tom's Dental Health for All on a regular basis. Take the oral health quiz to see how healthy your mouth is, or check out other ways Tom's is making an impact.
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