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As one of the most awarded animators on the web, the Swedish artist Camilla Eriksson started out as a cartoonist in the 80's. Her cartoons Quarantine, Planet of Musse and 40-40 are syndicated in Europe by Bull's Press and in Asia by Sun Media Group. She has also written and illustrated 2 children's books for Raben's Publishing.

In the mid 90's Camilla turned to animation creating MillanNet, one of the largest original Gif and Flash animation repositories on the web.

"Self Portrait"

In 1998 Camilla co-founded Care-Mail, which later changed its name to One year later she relocated to San Francisco to be able to work closer to the company.

As a Vice President of Design and Director of E-cards, Camilla has been responsible for building and developing the postcard section of Care2. In addition to creating her own 2,000+ animated e-cards, Camilla has hired some of the greatest animators, photographers and artists there is today to help her create one of the best and most diversified postcard sites on the Internet.

If you want to see more of Camilla's work,
please visit MillanNet!

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