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About Greetums

Greetums is a fun new card company. Brought to you by veteran card designer Kat Caverly, maker of fine cards, e-cards and gifts since 1986.

Over 10 million served.


About Kat Caverly

Kat started working in the greeting card industry in 1988. She has worked with Avanti Press, Recycled Paper Greetings and Pictura USA.
She has been a photographer for over 30 years.

She had thought she was going to be a doctor when she got her degree in behavioral psychology from the University of Illinois in 1976. But while she proceeded to the post-graduate studies of a scientist, she took a job in a commercial color photo lab. She already loved photography as a hobby, but the lab convinced her that this was an art that was also a science.
It had everything she needed.

She changed course away from academia and into the world of the commercial photo studio. For 5 years, in Chicago and Atlanta, she worked in fashion and advertising studios. She learned a lot, so she thought she'd give New York City a chance.

Kat took to the streets with her camera, using her skill with people and photography to explored the characters around her. Feeling just a little like her fellow Chicagoan Studs Terkel she introduced herself to New Yorkers one at a time and enlisted their help in making funny photographs.

Kat coined the term 'Photocartoonist' and as she developed her idea it morphed into a place in the greeting card business for her. In 1994, Kat Caverly created her alter ego, Shirley Kenosha, and started performing on comedy stages and starring in her card designs.

In June, 2001, Kat launched her first e-greetings website,, and in 2002 with her Dreamteam staff she began creating animation. The animation technology and the gifted members of her team (now officially known as No Evil Productions) enable her to produce increasingly ambitious projects.

As a New York Times article said, Kat Caverly is "The Face that launched a 1000 greeting cards."

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