10 of the World’s Strangest Laws (Slideshow)


Chances are, you’ve heard the one about how chewing gum is illegal in Singapore. But there are plenty of other strange & ridiculous laws around the world! Though, unlike the gum ban, not all of these laws are necessarily enforced. Click through to check out some of the world’s most outrageous laws. Have you broken any of these laws? Share your story in the comments section!

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Husband Knows Best

To the ladies of Vermont in need of false teeth — better ask your husband’s permission first! Yep, in Vermont, a husband has to sign off in the event his wife needs dentures. Another dentures-related law? In Louisiana, using false teeth to bite someone bumps up the charge to aggravated assault.

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Say Cheese!

With the exception of funerals and hospital visits, people in Milan, Italy are legally required to smile at all times. I wonder if teeth-whitening kits are exceptionally popular in the fashion capital?!

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Speaking Ill of the Dead

North Carolina has a ban on potty mouths at funerals. Hold your tongue until after the burial. In Massachusetts, be sure to limit your sandwich consumption to 3 or fewer — any more and you’re a criminal!

Give Notice

Thinking about committing a crime in the state of Texas? Be sure to give the police 24-hour’s notice — otherwise, you’re breaking the law.

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Dropping the Bomb

In Chico, Calif., it’s illegal to set off a nuclear bomb within city limits. Can’t help but wonder how many weekends that law has ruined!

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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Want to break out your pink hotpants on Sunday afternoon? Well, if you’re in Victoria, Australia, you’d be at risk of breaking the law!


All the moustachioed men of Eureka, Nevada are banned from kissing women. Good thing they’re not so in style anymore!

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Black Death

Those Londoners afflicted with the plague need to find an alternate form of transportation — it’s illegal for Bubonic plague victims to ride in taxis! Another interesting law affecting London’s taxis? It’s illegal to transport corpses. Well, now that that’s cleared up…

God Save the Queen

Putting a stamp of the queen upside down could get you on the hook for treason in the United Kingdom. This one is so outrageous that it was actually voted the U.K.’s most ludicrous law in a 2007 survey!

One For the Money

Just in case any Washingtonians wanted to fib about their rich parents, be careful! It’s illegal in the Evergreen state to pretend you have wealthy parents.

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Valentina R.
Valentina R3 years ago


By the way, I'm Italian, and as far as I know the absurd law that states "people in Milan, Italy are legally required to smile at all times" is false.

Kamia T.
Kamia T4 years ago

I got through a few of the slides, and just got tired of the whole thing, sorry.

Roopak Vaidya
Roopak Vaidya5 years ago

Maybe the thought of Getone ice makes them smile? :)

Antonella C.
Antonella C5 years ago

it's not truth people in Milan, Italy, are legally required to smile at all times!!

Arild Warud


Dave C.
David C5 years ago


Dina B.
Dina B6 years ago

These are insane!

Maria D'Oporto
Past Member 6 years ago

hahahahahaha, well I commited a crime ate 4 sammichessssss!!!!

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago


Diana M.
Diana M.6 years ago

Do a list of recently enacted ridicullous laws. You can start with the small town of Inglis, Florida. About a year ago the city brain trust made it illegal for Satan to enter their town. Good luck with that one.