10 Animal Heroes

1. A wild dolphin in New Zealand waters helped a stranded whale out of a small body of water when the whale could not get out on its own. The whale might have died inside the smaller body of water without a food supply, but the dolphin led it to open water and the whale swam away. Moko the dolphin was wild and completely untrained in such rescue behavior, meaning it was all done spontaneously.

2. Dolphins in Florida signaled to people a dog was trapped in a canal for many hours and couldn’t get out. The dog was in the water so long it was experiencing hypothermia and could have died if it wasn’t rescued soon. These dolphins also were wild and completely untrained in rescue.

3. Porpoises reportedly came to the aid of actor Dick Van Dyke when he was washed out to sea on a surfboard after falling asleep. He had drifted so far away from the beach he could no longer see land.

4. In the Indian Ocean a woman was sailing on a yacht, when an accident caused her to be left in the water struggling to stay afloat. A dolphin swam underneath her and held her up, while two others circled them to ward off sharks.

5. In Japan, a pet dog starting acting oddly and pulled on its leash to get an elderly woman to rapidly ascend a hill. Moments later the woman’s house was engulfed in wall of water and debris created by the latest tsunami. The woman and her dog survived unscathed.

6. Another tsunami-related incident involving dogs revealed a heroic loyalty. Two dogs were stranded in the midst of rubble and chaos left by the natural disaster and one was injured. The healthy dog refused to leave the injured one, and eventually led people to it.

7. In a related situation, a dog rescued from a shelter in America was trained in search and rescue, and traveled to Japan to help find survivors. Prior to the Japan trip she had helped save twelve people in America.

8. In Africa, a baby elephant fell into a river, in the shallow part near the bank, but the bank was still too high for it to pull itself out. The water level was high enough in places that it could have drowned, but adult elephants luckily arrived to pull it out.

9. In some American courtrooms, dogs are being used to help keep witnesses stay calm so they can testify in cases that have involved disturbing violence or sexual abuse. In some cases the witnesses are the victims, and they are children.

10. Chimps in Africa have learned to set off traps left by humans to capture them for the bush meat trade. These cunning primates are helping save their own lives and the lives of other chimps or, other animals that get caught in the traps.


The mere presence of wolves in Yellowstone National Park draws enough tourists each year to generate about $35 million dollars of revenue. Sadly, some people in Idaho and Montana prefer to hunt these regional wolves, although they have not attacked humans.

Image Credit: Public Domain


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Humans can take a lesson in these kind acts

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We misunderstand and underestimate them because we have yet to reach their level.

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