10 Anti-Aging Tips To Keep You Looking and Feeling Young

A healthy diet is vital for keeping the skin young and vibrant. If youíre not sure what to eat, research shows that a plant-based diet slows aging. And since youíre a Care2 reader, Iíll assume that your diet is plant-based. However,†I wonít discuss diet in this article. Instead, I want to focus on little-known anti-aging tips many people ignore.

10 Anti-Aging Tips


1. Apply sunscreen when going outside.

According to Skin Care Foundation, ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun cause wrinkles, discoloration, saggy skin, rough patches and other visible signs of aging.†Research shows that sunscreen can help keep your skin looking younger and even lower risk of skin cancer.

Meditation has anti-aging effects.

2. Meditate every day.

Up until recently, I was encouraging people to meditate but didnít do it myself. Now that Iím meditating, I even more highly encourage you to make it a daily habit. Itíll give you lots of energy and lower your stress levels.

Stress is one of the biggest accelerators of aging. It shortens telomeres (a compound that is part of the cell), which consequently shortens your lifespan.

According to this study, meditation can lengthen telomeres and as a result, keep you young and vibrant.

Dancing keeps you young!

3. Dance to stay young.

Dancing may not take wrinkles off your face, but itíll keep your brain young. According to a recent study, dancing has a stronger anti-aging effect on the brain compared to endurance training. Combining different dance moves will give you optimal benefits. So try different dance routines Ė from salsa to breakdancing.

Sleeping on your back is an anti-aging double-whammy!

Sleeping on your back is an anti-aging double-whammy!

4. Again, get enough sleep.

Research shows that people who donít get enough sleep have reduced skin elasticity and uneven pigmentation. Lack of sleep doesnít just age your skin faster, studies have also linked†sleep deprivation†to reduced brain performance.

5. Sleep on your back.

Pressing your face against the pillow causes sleep lines, which can turn into wrinkles as time goes by. The best way to prevent sleep lines is to sleep on your back. If thatís not something you can do (I certainly canít) try to alternate sides and use soft silk pillows.

Drink More Water

6. Donít use straws.

Straws can come in handy, especially when drinking drinks that are harsh on the teeth like lemon water. However, using them regularly can cause wrinkles around the mouth. Youíre better off pouring your drink into a glass. Puffing cigarettes can also cause wrinkles.

7. Drink plenty of water.

Skip the straw, but don’t skip that water.†Drinking enough water has so many benefits. Water can even boosts mental performance according to a recent study. When youíre properly hydrated, the skin looks firm, clear and young. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day.

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8. Wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses don’t just look cool – they help protect the very sensitive skin around your eyes. Additionally, when you donít wear sunglasses, you squint, and this eventually causes wrinkles around the eyes.

washing face

9. Wash your face before bed.

As we go through the day, skin pores get clogged by dust, oil, dead skin, and so on. If you donít wash the dirt off of your face before sleeping, your skin wonít look as young and healthy in the morning.

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10. Have sex frequently.

You can stay young and vibrant without leaving the bedroom. Having sex frequently boosts youthfulness and can burn calories, according to research.

Just like exercise, aim to have sex a minimum of 3 times a week.

Do you†have any favorite†anti-aging tips? Share them in the comments below!

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