10 Awesome Handmade Thanksgiving Decorations

Fall and winter bring a bevy of holidays – no wonder it’s so many people’s favorite time of year! Halloween quickly gives way to Thanksgiving, which is pushed right out the door in order to make room for the biggies: Christmas and/or Hanukkah. But it doesn’t end there, as we then end with a bang for New Year’s Eve and, of course, celebrate a fresh start on New Year’s Day.

Right now, we’re gearing up for the foodies’ favorite – Thanksgiving. Growing up as the only vegetarian in my southern family, I can’t say I was always over-exuberant about the holiday. I did, however, take great joy in decorating the house and celebrating in the spirit of thanks. This week, we’re sharing a collection of adorable handmade Thanksgiving decorations for your home. We hope the projects shown here spark some creativity in you to make your own versions, but if you do end up buying instead – it’s always good to buy handmade.

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Photo booth props, Silhouette Shop
Give thanks earrings, Msemrick
Give thanks pillow, The Lauren Collection
Gobble, gobble apron, Something You Aprons
Personalized Thanksgiving blocks set, Blocks of Love
Autumn Thanksgiving sign, Words for the Soul
Candle holder, The Teal Tree
Thanksgiving sweater, Dentz Designs
Owls Thanksgiving themed nail art, Nail Art Designs
Thanksgiving gallery wall art, The Dezign Shoppe


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