10 Awesome Last-Minute Gifts (That Can Be Ready in Seconds)

It’s two days until Christmas and you’ve still got a few loved ones on your list. But we’ve got you covered!

Yes, you’re probably stressed. And yeah, maybe you shouldn’t have waited so long… but no point in beating yourself up now (just consider it a lesson for next year). Fortunately, there are still plenty of great gifts you can get for a variety of people on your list. And while it’s tempting to head to the mall and fight the masses to snatch up the first halfway decent thing you see, it’s likely those kinds of last-minute presents won’t come with as much thought or usefulness.

For some of these, you can simply give the gift as is – a printed out copy of what’s to come (ready in seconds!). For things you’ll actually need to order, ship it to their address and give them a handmade card with a note or printed out picture of the gift in the meantime. While it’s not the same as opening an actual gift, it will mean more than a pair of socks… we promise!

There are amazing subscription services for nearly any type of your list. There’s Barkbox for dog lovers, Whimseybox for crafts lovers, Birchbox for beauty aficionados and Yuzen for all those who need a little more “zen” in their lives. Whether you buy them one month or six, they’ll love getting a fun surprise in the mail!

Got a movie lover on your list? Gift them a Netflix streaming subscription. They’ll think of you every time they find something new and awesome to watch!

Gift your favorite stressed out loved one a spa treatment like a facial or massage. We love Bliss Spa, but if you don’t have one in your area, look into a popular and well-reviewed spa that your aunt or sister can get to easily.

Music lover? Get them a Spotify gift card, where they will be able to stream music and save their favorite songs to playlists to enjoy in their car, on their phone or through their computer.

Whether you go for print or digital, consider gifting a loved one a subscription to their favorite magazine, or one you know they’ll love! Amazon has tons of great deals.


  • Make an ornament! (This one adds sentimental value by using a wedding or baby shower invitation.)
  • Make your own piece of jewelry. Even if you don’t have previous jewelry-making experience, you can find necklace chains and charms at stores like Michael’s and easily make a “simple assembly” necklace or bracelet for a loved one.
  • Create a meaningful journal. Find an inexpensive journal you love (TJMaxx always has some in their clearance section) and write your favorite quotes on the bottom of various pages throughout. You can also include notes of encouragement or inside jokes. Your friend or family member can decide how to use the journal and whether to read all of your notes and verses right away or over time as they work through their new journal.
  • Make a mix CD. Create (in iTunes or Spotify) a playlist of songs you think your loved one will adore. Burn them onto a CD and include a letter with a song list and the reason why you included each track. They’ll love discovering new music and hearing exactly why YOU think each song is important and meaningful.
  • Put together a message in a bottle. Use an old glass bottle and stuff it full of notes with favorite quotes and messages of love. You can write them on small pieces of paper (or type them up, print them and cut them out) and then fold them up and put them all in the bottle. Create as many as you can and instruct your loved one to either pull one out every day until they run out or just whenever they need a little boost.
  • Donate to a charity on their behalf. Check out some awesome ideas here!



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Blessings are never given too late

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