10 Back to School Crafts for the End of Summer

Is your kiddo headed back to school in the next couple of weeks? Send him off in DIY style with these upcycled back to school ideas!

It feels like summer ends earlier every year, doesn’t it? My kiddo actually started back at preschool last week! He’s a little bit young for supplies like pencils and notepads, but even my toddler needed school supplies like a backpack and lunchbox. Below are back to school ideas for kids big and small. No matter what age your child, we’ve got you covered!

10 Back to School Crafts for the End of Summer

1. Upcycled Back Pack – Turn an old pair of blue jeans into  a cute backpack for back to school. If you’re not into this DIY backpack, check out Bonnie’s list of 20 awesome backpack tutorials!

2. Apple Canister – It never hurts to get on your teacher’s good side from day one. How sweet is this little upcycled canister made from an old coffee can?

3. Custom Zipper Pulls – Get those backpacks organized with zipper pull labels.  You can make these for your daycare-aged kid, or use different designs to label the zippers on your older kids’ bags.

4. Reusable Snack Bag – Ditch disposable plastic baggies in favor of a waste-free lunch!

5. Cloth Napkins – Speaking of a waste-free lunch, how about some reusable cloth napkins instead of single-use paper ones?

6. DIY Lunch Bag – You can use felted wool or any other heavy fabric, like reclaimed denim, to make these reusable lunch bags.

7. Soda Bottle Pencil Case – Turn a couple of old soda bottles into a clear pencil case to keep your kiddos organized.

8. Paper Bag Book Cover – Go old school and protect your kids’ textbooks from wear and tear with this back to school video tutorial.

9. Desk Organizer – Use old paper tubes to make a standing organizer for your kid’s desk before the whirlwind of homework strikes!

10. Miniature Notepad – Is your kid the one who never has a piece of paper? Stash a few of these teeny notepads in his bag as backup, so that he can jot down homework assignments.


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Thank you :)

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:( where are the pictures? I don't want to have to click on every link just to see if I might want to make it.

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thank you

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Forwarded to those who need to see this article and are interested, Thanks for posting.

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Robert O.
Robert O3 years ago

They sound like nice ideas, though sadly not as many kids are into crafts and crafty things as generations past were. They like the shiny new store bought versions complete with the new smell appeal .

Kath P. I agree. There'd need to be crafts for mp3 holders, smartphone cases, and all their other modern devices. Sigh.

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Not particularly relevant to most of todays kids but fun ideas all the same. TY

Magdalen B.
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"It never hurts to get on your teacher’s good side from day one"
30 plus recycled coffee tins cynically presented by your class on the first day of term. Great.