10 Cats to Follow on Instagram

Cat lovers, I see you. Do not miss the paw pads, bleps and adorable kitty antics from these amazing cats of Instagram!

What I love about Instagram is that it can be whatever you want it to be. If you’re a vegan food lover, you can fill your feed with beautiful smoothie bowls and vegan nachos. If you love art, you can follow amazing artists. And if you’re obsessed with cats, there are countless furry friends to follow.

Confession: despite being kitty-obsessed, my Instagram feed is basically all food pictures. Luckily my good friend, Stephanie, has curated an amazing Instagram feed for herself with some of the best cats to follow on Instagram. She and the Care2 editors were kind enough to make recommendations, and I hope that you get as much joy from these cats of Instagram as I do!

Cats to Follow on Instagram

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1. Suki the Cat

One of my editors recommended Suki, and I’m so glad that she did! I’m pretty sure that Suki leads a more exciting life than I do. This beautiful kitty goes on amazing adventures, and her owner takes gorgeous photos. Look at those beautiful tiger-like stripes and amazing blue eyes! What a combo.

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2. Sakurako.S

Stephanie says that this account is her favorite, and I can see why. It stars three cats – Fuku, Meme and Non – and they all have such personalities! Check out Fuku’s adorable Princess Leia costume from Halloween this year.

3. Venus the Two Face Cat

Venus has such striking coloration, that you might not even notice right away that this kitty has one green eye and one blue. Maybe that is what gives Venus such an intense gaze.

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4. ☆uya★miya

Uya and Miya are best friends, and they love to kiss and snuggle each other. I dare you to look at the picture above of this sweet kitty smooch and not feel your mood lifting!

5. Olive & Rye

Olive and Rye is a former kitty duo that’s now a trio! Since creating the account, they’ve added Fig to the family. Olive, Rye and Fig love to snuggle together. Is there anything better than a pile of snoozing kitties? 

6. Terunobu TOYAMA

Watch the video above to fall in love with Terunobu TOYAMA. What is it about a cat’s purr that’s so soothing? Terunobu_toyama is sweet, curious and playful. And her home is gorgeous!

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7. Kyoko Kojima

The pair of calicos is certainly the star of this Instagram feed, which my friend Stephanie calls one of her faves, but you’ll also get some day-in-the-life shots from their owner. Stephanie explains that “they appear to live in a Japanese bakery,” and it’s neat to see snippets of the owner’s life in Japan alongside all of the cat photo goodness.

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8. Nilla

Missy Kulik is an old friend of mine, and her Instagram feed prominently features her cat, Nilla. Nilla is amazing, and you get to meet her bunny sister, Oreo and get peeks at Missy’s art. It’s a true delight!

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9. ぽっぽ (Poppo)

Poppo is like a perfect, fluffy cotton ball with the most piercing green eyes, and her owner does an amazing job capturing her in action. I could stare at the sweet face all day!

10. The Many Cats of Instagram

Chances are, if you love cats, you already know about this Instagram account. Any cat owner can submit photos or videos for @catsofinstagram to feature. You can get lost in this account for hours.

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All images via Instagram accounts referenced. Featured image by Missy Kulik, used with permission.


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