10 Cheap Winter Tips To Stay Warm

Hot water bottle sales are up! This might seem like headline from a newspaper 50 years ago. Hot water bottles are enjoying a moment again, and not as a frumpy relic from a bygone era, but as a frugal way to stay warm and toasty during the cold winter months. In this post, Preheat The Bed there’s a “heated” discussion about the pros and cons of hot water bottles vs. electric blankets. Do you use either?

As the winter begins to get chilly, more and more people are seeking ways to cut down on their heating bills and still stay warm.

Here are 10 cheap tricks and toasty winter tips for staying warm this winter:

The first 9 tips come from this infographic from Wonder How To:

10. Use a programmable thermostat. Why? Because it saves money and energy. The cost of the thermostat pays for itself over usage time. The US Department of Energy estimates you can save 10% on your heating bill by rolling back your thermostat 10-15% for just 8 hours. Of course, this saves money! Here’s a snazzy one for 2012: Practically Green recently posted about The Nest. Sarah Finnie Robinson from Practically Green shares her thoughts about this new programmable thermostat:

“It’s a brainy new thermostat designed by Tony Fadell, the guy who sold Steve Jobs on the iPod. In the past 48 hours, this stylish tool has been a complete thumbs-up for testers ranging from TechCrunch to Grist to Fast Company to Wired to the Wall Street Journal: “like Apple, Nest Labs has taken something you use every day and made it simple and delightful to use.”

My best tip for staying warm in the winter: Knit something warm! What’s your best cheap tip for staying warm?


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