10 Cold Summer Soups

Summer is here, and that means steamy, sweaty days. When you sweat more, you need to make up for it by taking in more fluids than usual, and what better way to up the liquid in your life than with some soup? In the middle of summer, though, sitting down to a steamy bowl of soup probably doesn’t sound super appealing, right? Cold soups to the rescue!

Cold soup can make a satisfying summer meal on its own or as a side dish, and while not all cold soup recipes are raw, most include at least some raw ingredients. That means that each delicious, hydrating spoonful is also packed with all of the extra nutrients that you get from eating raw fruits and veggies. A double win!

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Once you start making cold soups, you’ll start to see that the possibilities are nearly endless. It’s fun to try different combinations of seasonal veggies, herbs, and even fruits to make your own recipes, and I bet that some of you have whipped up a tasty cold soup or two already this summer. Do you have a favorite cold soup recipe? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Want to make some cold summer soups but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got some yummy cold soup recipes on the next page!

cold summer soup with peas

Cold Summer Soups

Just like hot soups, you can make cold soup the star of your supper or serve it as a starter or side dish. These summery soups are so delicious, though, I bet you decide to make them the center of your meal!

1. Vegetarian Borscht – Serious Eats updates this Russian classic. Hurrah for beets! You can omit the sour cream in this recipe to veganize it, if you want.

2. Creamy Avocado Soup – Avocado is a hearty base for any summer soup. If you want to make this recipe vegan, use non-dairy yogurt or homemade cashew cream in place of the yogurt.

3. Chilled Corn and Golden Beet Soup – Roasted beets and fresh corn give this creamy soup a deliciously sweet, earthy flavor.

4. Fresh Spring Pea Soup – A simple soup that can stand on its own or work as a starter. When the weather starts to cool down, you can also serve this hot instead of chilled!

5. Vegan Vichyssoise – This fresh, leek and potato soup is usually full of dairy products but Melissa Breyer gives it a vegan facelift without sacrificing any of the flavor.

A lot of summer soup recipes combine herbs and veggies with seasonal fruit for some surprising flavors. Check out these fruity cold soups on the next page!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Patricia Larenas

cold summer soup

Summer Soups with Fruit

A hint of fruit adds a delightful sweetness to cold summer soups!

6. Watermelon Fennel Gazpacho – This seasonal, summer soup takes less than 20 minutes to make and is completely raw.

7. Cucumber Melon Soup – Talk about refreshing! This fruity soup has a spicy kick.

8. Cold Carrot Soup with Orange and Cumin – A sweet, zesty soup that makes a great appetizer.

9. Chilled Melon Soup with Basil – Leave out the optional sour cream in this recipe, if you want to make it vegan.

10. Lemon Cucumber and Fresh Pea Soup Topped with Pomegranate Seeds – Pomegranate seeds add a little tartness and a nice crunch to this summery soup.

Do you have a favorite cold soup recipe? Let’s keep the recipes going in the comments!

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