10 Cute Calicos Who Need a Home (Photos)

Calico cats have a coat that is mostly white, with patches of two other colors ó whether they’re long-haired or short-haired, and single-breed or mixed-breed. “Tortoiseshell” refers to a similar appearance: tortoiseshell cats have a mottled and patchy-colored coat whose main color is not necessarily white. Interestingly enough, cats with these two coat patterns are almost always female! They’re both believed to be good luck in many cultures, and who knows… if you meet the sweetest calico/tortoiseshell cat in a shelter, she just might be, for you!

Here are ten calico/tortie cats who are looking for homes, from shelters all over the U.S. Don’t you wish you could take them all home?

(Don’t forget: if you’re looking for a new animal companion, you can use Care2′s Adoptable Pets page to find your perfect match!)


1. Snuggle Bear

1-year-old female. Helping Hands Rescue, Inc., Lewiston, ID.

2. LaLa

2-year-old female. Angels Rescuing Animals, Auburn, CA.

3. Chalet

8-year-old female. Central Dakota Humane Society, Mandan, ND.

4. Olivia

Adult female. Tailchaser Rescue, San Jose, CA.

5. Alaina

Senior female. Wood County Humane Society, Bowling Green, OH.

6. Apollonia

Adult female. Animal Rescue League – Adoption Center, Elk Grove, CA.

UPDATE: as of 8/30, Apollonia has been adopted!

7. Lulu

Young female. Animal Humane Sanctuary, Smyrna, DE.

8. Thumper

Senior female. Friends of Montgomery County Animals Inc., Germantown, MD.

9. Dottie

Adult female. Sante D’Or Foundation, Los Angeles, CA.

10. Halle

3 1/2-year-old female. Lovin’ Life Rescue, Chicago, IL.



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Autumn S.
Autumn S4 years ago

Calicos are just beautiful :) hope they find forever homes

Sharon Nevils
Sharon Nevils4 years ago

sharing the puddy tats too :)

Malgorzata Zmuda
Malgorzata Zmuda5 years ago

Piękne koty, mam nadzieję, że szybko znajdą swój dom.

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller5 years ago

I have a calico named Winnie who is very happy ! Hope to see these cats find the same!

Kamryn M.
Kay M5 years ago

these gals are sooo adorable. hope this post aided in finding homes.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W5 years ago


Rosie Jolliffe
Rosie Lopez5 years ago

so cute! sharing!

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B5 years ago

thanks for telling the world

Pamela W.
Pamela W5 years ago

@ Pamela H.
You are correct. . . the tortie are also calicos. And Snuggle Bear wasn't the only tortie in the slide show.

Carrie Anne Brown

beautiful cats :) thanks for sharing :)