10 DIY Back To School Eco-Friendly Projects

Getting kids back to school can be a huge expensive burden on families. The pressure to purchase supplies and home dťcor for school kids, often negates the best eco-friendly intentions. How about we take action and make back to school a time when the environmental three Rís (reduce, reuse, recycle) are honored instead of thrown out the window?

These DIY projects of varying degrees of difficulty are kind on your pocketbook, healthy for your home and they tread lightly on our planet.

10 DIY Back To School Eco-Friendly Projects

1. It probably comes as no surprise that not as many children ride their bikes to school as they did years ago. Wouldnít you agree that this is an eco-friendly trend worth revisiting and making safe for our children? For those that do ride bikes to school, this DIY Lunch Bag For Bikes attaches right onto a bike frame, making it the perfect bike accessory. Donít forget to include a reusable sandwich wrap, an eco-lunch mat or a bento box.

2. No homework desk? No problem. Not every home has room for a designated homework space. But, studies show that having a space of ones own helps kids focus. This DIY Wall Desk is compact, and folds up when not in use. Itís ideal for even the smallest areas.

3. This sewn Pencil Case made of felt and fabric scraps keeps pencils in place and is study and stylish.

4. A box turns into a Homemade Study Center that doesnít require any power tools or storage space into an organizational space for a little learner.

5. Cute, snazzy and functional describes this easy to make Apple Print Backpack.

6. I was totally captivated when I saw this Homework Space Crayon Art. To make this masterpiece, affix crayons to the top of a canvas, and blast with a hair dryer. The colors bleed down the canvas, creating beautiful, colorful art. This may not be as eco-friendly as some of the other projects on this list, but itís sure to be an inspirational conversation piece for kids.

7. Speaking of inspiring projectsÖthis DIY Geography Table is worthy of a place for year round learning, while advancing knowledge of map skills.

8. I recently wrote about the questionable use of antibacterial soap in schools. Instead try this tutorial for Felted Soap for some good clean fun.

9. Iíve had this Chalkboard Globe bookmarked ever since I discovered eco-friendly chalkboard paint from Hudson Paint. Every time I cruise by a tag sale, Iím hoping to score a used globe. Havenít yet, but when I do, this project will move to the top of my to do list.

10. This little office-on-the-go Portable Desk is created by repurposing a used wooden box and a slightly larger board for a desktop. Itís small and light enough for kids to tote outdoors on a warm fall day.

I just had to ad this eco-friendly School Bus Shelter because it is the best reuse of a school bus I have ever seen!


Qudsia A.
Q Ali5 years ago

I wanted to know if you had some ideas or links to encourage middle school kids to be eco-friendly when doing projects and presentations for school rather than using loads of styrofoam boards, paper, etc. Looking for ideas after seeing the kind of materials my son and his teammates are using for their end of year project.

Caroline Roberts
Caroline Roberts6 years ago

will def be sharing this!

mariana c.
mariana c6 years ago

Thanks, really good ideas

Anne F.
Anne F6 years ago

Great ideas. I think FreeCycle is the place to ask for a globe.

Devayani Patil
Devayani Patil6 years ago


Nicole G.
Nicole Gorman6 years ago

Cute ideas. Thanks!

James H.
James Hager6 years ago


Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan6 years ago

Don't know about kids but will be trying some of these myself.

Rita White
Rita White6 years ago

thanks :)

Rebecca S.
Rebecca S6 years ago

hmmm i'm curious about the felted soap!