10 Fun and Unique Ways to Get Fit

Want to get fit? You can go to the gym, lift weights or run. All the usual things that people do. Or you can try alternative activities that help you get fit while youíre having fun. If youíre not one to jump at the chance to exercise, then you may be better suited for one of these 10 activities that keep you far from the gym.

Pole Dance

For all the ladies out there or curious and playful men, pole dancing could be a perfect fit for you. Itís a full body exercise that not only makes you look good but feel good, too. Pole dancing requires flexibility, strength and stamina, which means youíre stretching and lengthening your muscles while gaining strength. And at the same time, you’re giving your heart a workout as your heart rate intensifies. But all while feeling sexy (as is possible as a beginner). Soon your body will be in top condition while your self-image improves as well.


A unique approach to fitness, slackline offers strength and balance training. Itís akin to walking a tightrope but youíre close to the ground and the line is about two to three inches wide. You can take your slackline to your favorite park and post up between two trees for an afternoon of training. Your legs build strength as you balance on the line. You slowly switch from one leg to the next as you advance to the other side. You use your core to keep steady and arms out wide for balance. All the while youíre sharpening your mind as you focus intently on the task at hand.

Hula Hoop

This long-forgotten activity can be the perfect fitness routine for anyone who likes to shake their hips. Take it outdoors or stay inside. No matter your location you can swing those hips, arms, legs and neck into shape with light to heavy hula hoops. An engaged core is at the center of this exercise. And as some exercise aficionados profess, a strong core is what matters most. The unique things about hula hooping are that its great for spine strengthening and flexibility. So get ready to get fluid!


You may be imagining teenage boys and girls at skatepark doing jumps and tricks, but donít exclude yourself from this fun and exciting activity. The pure adrenaline rush of coasting down your first hill will flush your body with all the feel-good chemicals. But once you get past your fears, you can focus on balancing and cardio with this activity. And letís not forget the beautiful legs youíll develop.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Outdoor rock climbing can be fun for more experienced folk. But if youíre just looking to jazz up your fitness routine, then keep it inside as a beginner. Hit the wall to build upper body strength and flexibility. Youíll develop the coveted grip and wrist strength that is important for functional movement and exercise. And youíll develop an engaged core to help lift and swing your body to new heights.


Weíre going for fun and unique on this list. And what kind of list would it be without fencing? An oldie but a goodie. Once very popular, you donít hear people talk about going to practice fencing anymore. Thatís why it could be the perfect fun activity to break you out of your old exercise routine. Itís excellent for a cardio workout. Plus, youíll learn how to defend yourself in constant sparring matches with others.

GMB (gold medal bodies)

If youíre completely through with the days of weight lifting and running, but still seek a functional exercise, then GMB is for you. GMB is a series of exercises that train and move your body in ways aligned with natural movement and strength building. Youíll develop strength, control and flexibility to build physical autonomy. Which means youíll be fit without the gym, weights or other cumbersome equipment. For example, a couple exercises are the bear or the frog. In these positions, strength is developed in unique muscle group combinations to promote movement in all types of positionsónot just the up/down and forward/back movements found with machine workouts.


Enjoy cardio but hate running? Salsa is your solution. Take your sexy self to a dance floor near you for back and forths across the dance floor on a weekly or every other day dance classóbeginners welcome! Youíll have a blast twirling around the floor while developing stamina. And soon youíll be the life of the party at the local Latin restaurant and dance floor.


Letís take it back to the 90s for a sec. What happened to rollerblading? This cardio-intensive activity gets your legs and booty in shape for all seasons of the year. Plus, youíll strengthen your ankles for greater stability in daily life. And you get to be outside in the sunshine to soak up and make your vitamin D. Just be sure to protect your wrists and knees in case of falls.


If youíre the monkey-ing-around type, then parkour is for you. Itís a form of fitness that centers around overcoming obstacles. Similar to GMB, itís utility-based. Meaning that you train your body to run, jump and climb in a functional manner. You often see these people running through urban areas, jumping and climbing from walls, railings and buildings.

These 10 activities should spice up your fitness routine real nicely. Hopefully, this is a good reminder of all the different types of activities out there. And thereís far more beyond this list. If youíre sick and tired of the same old gym routine, then get creative. Do some research if you have to and find a fitness program, exercise routine or activity that suits your personality.

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