10 Handmade Valentine’s Gifts for Him

We’ve got just about a month until Valentine’s day, and if you’re planning to whip up a handmade gift for your sweetie, now’s the time to get planning!

Handmade gifts have so much more heart than something from a big box store, and when you make a gift yourself, you know it wasn’t produced in a sweatshop, and you have total control over the materials that you’re using. Your handmade gift is a one-of-a-kind creation, made with love. What could be more Valentine’s day appropriate than that, right?

I always have trouble coming up with DIY gifts for my fella. Guys can be tough to craft for! On the next page, check out our list of 10 Valentine’s gifts for him that you can make yourself. We’ve got projects for every skill level!

DIY Kindle Case

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Honestly, a lot of these gifts would be great for a lady or a fella. Consider this more a guy-friendly list, but don’t be shy about whipping up one of these DIY gifts for the special lady in your life instead!

1. Kindle Case – You can’t crochet up a Kindle, but you can use your sewing skills to make your sweetie a Kindle case to keep his device cozy and safe. Here’s how to make a Kindle case in 10 simple steps.

2. Custom Art – Does his office have a bare spot on the wall? Create a piece of custom wall art out of junk mail!

3. Sweet Treats – Whip up a batch of your man’s favorite baked goods and package them in a pretty Mason jar. Eighteen25 has some super cute printable labels to make this gift extra special!

4. DIY Kit – Art of Manliness shows you how to turn an old Altoids tin into a bunch of different kits, from first aid to an on the go martini kit. There’s sure to be one that your fella will dig!

5. Applique Necktie – If your guy wears a tie, you can embellish a thrift store necktie to add a little oomph to his wardrobe.

Up Next: 5 more DIY Valentine’s day gifts for the guys in your life!

photo by Becky Striepe



6. Upcycled Neck WarmerThis practical neckwarmer has a secret! There’s a lovey dovey heart and a sweet note hidden on the inside. But that can be just between you and him!

7. Reclaimed Planner – Does your guy have a hectic schedule? Surprise him with a handmade planner to keep him organized all year long.

8. DIY Herb Planter – If your guy loves to garden, grab some Mason jars, scrap wood, and chalkboard paint, and make him an indoor herb planter, so he can grow all year long!

9. Mustache Mug – For the guy who loves his facial hair. Grab a mug from the thrift store and a few other supplies to make him a custom mug for his morning Joe.

10. Map CoastersCreate a set of coasters using an old map from a road trip that you took together! If you don’t have a sentimental map, you can really use any reclaimed paper that means something to you guys: fliers, posters, brochures, etc.

Do you have a handmade Valentine’s gift idea in the works? Tell us what you’re making in the comments!

photo by Becky Striepe


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A good massage for him with some good quality scented oil, dressing up a little for a dinner at home, and a sweet baby movie courtesy of Netflix (since we're expecting any day) should be a lovely, inexpensive combination.

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