10 Healthy and Tasty Treats Under 200 Calories

We get weight-loss advice all the time, and it all boils down to eating small portions that can somehow fill you up, taste great as well as power you with good health. Too much to ask for? Not if you try these delicious bites and sips when a snack-attack hits:

  • A glass of fruit parfait. Top mixed fruit of your choice with low-fat yogurt and sprinkle crushed nuts on top. Who knew such a luscious dessert could be so guilt-free and good for you?
  • A glass of banana-strawberry smoothie, sweetened with just a little honey. Just under 200 calories, and full of nourishing goodness.
  • A bowl of chickpea salad to which you can add diced yellow and red bell peppers, cucumber, and other crunchy veggies of your choice. So colorful, protein-rich and yummy!
  • 20 plain, unsalted almonds—the healthiest nut! They contain just 160 calories.
  • A bunch of grapes—filling and so luscious. Mix red and black varieties to add interest to the proceedings.  (Munch on—you’ll have to eat 60 grapes to consume 200 calories!!)
  • A serving of multigrain crackers topped with crunchy cucumber slices and a dollop of Greek yogurt. Pop these in quickly to avoid sogginess.
  • Roasted lentil poppadums topped with finely chopped cucumber, onion and tomatoes. A tasty Indian treat. Poppadums can be bought from Asian grocery stores in your neighborhood.
  • A wedge of camembert: just 113 calories. All that good taste, along with calcium and vitamins too!
  • A big baked potato. Perfect comfort food, at just 150 calories.
  • A bowl of mixed berry salad, dressed with brown sugar and balsamic vinegar. Toss in a few flax seeds and/or almonds for crunch. Looks stunning, tastes great and bestows you with antioxidants.

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