10 Green Gifts You Can Make Today!

This holiday season, I committed myself to buy less and make more gifts. It reached my deepest resolve to share my green intentions of curbing spending, creating less unnecessary waste and generally treading lighter on the environment. In my quest to honor my lofty goal, I learned a few things along the way. Here are some tips for creating last-minute DIY holiday gifts:

5 DIY Gift-Making Tips For Making Last-Minute Gifts

1. Take stock of what you already have. Scavenge around and give homage to items and materials that are ecologically sound. These items are just waiting for their secret life to unfold so that they can be restored, renovated, recycled and reused.
2. Be thoughtful about the person you are gifting. Creating items by hand takes time (maybe not as much time as finding a parking spot at the mall). Personalizing a gift is a sure-fire way to get it right.
3. Choose materials that are recycled, renewable and sourced locally.
4. Not only is making your own gifts green, frugal and clever, a handmade gift allows the giver to express their love in a whole new way.
5. Giving a handmade gift is a truly satisfying experience. It has the ability to transform the way we think about the holidays.

Throughout the month of December, I shared an alphabetical array of green DIY inspiration for everyone on your holiday list on Econesting. Yes, it was exhausting, but it was also so much fun. Here are 10 of the simple projects that you can make just in time to tuck under the tree.

10 Last-Minute DIY Gifts

1.For The Photographer

Make a photo journal with this tutorial from Photojojo. Check out the DIY video.

2. For The Chocolate Lover

Make chocolate lip balm. Why chocolate lip balm? Chocolate contains antioxidants and it’s yummy.

3. For The Eco-Fashionista

Fashion lovers can never have enough hangers. Make these simple twig hangers.

4. For the Recycler

This chalkboard recycling bin is made from a reclaimed wood bin that has been painted with chalkboard paint. Print out a sheet of personalized DIY recycling bin labels.

5. For The Partier

Whether they prefer their holiday spirits on the rocks or hot-mulled, spirited party-goers will love this Holiday Pomegranate Cocktail and video.

6. For the Pet Lover

My dogs have a severe case of holiday cookie envy during the holidays (actually, all the time). Make these healthy dog treats to satisfy their holiday cravings.

7. For The Nature Lover

Create a hiking map of the hikers destination and a DIY compass to stay the course with Google Earth.

8. For The Musician

Susan Wasinger, author of eco craft adds a festive touch to holiday decorations with a origami music paper box garland that is illuminated with LED string lights.

9. For the Organic Gardener

Make a Gardenerís Bucket and fill it with gardening goodies.

10. For The Kids On Your List

Mix up a batch of healthy play dough for the little ones on your holiday list.

Holiday gifting is down to the wire, check out the full blizzard of A-Z Eco-DIY gifts.


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