10 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make

Holy moly, Father’s Day is this weekend! Do you need a gift that you can whip up in a hurry? Check out these last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

Did Father’s Day creep up on you? When time is short, heading out to the big box store for a gift might be tempting, but store-bought gifts can be a little bit impersonal, and they’re often not so great from an ethical point of view. It can be very difficult to tell if your lovingly-chosen Father’s Day gift was made in a sweatshop. With a little bit of DIY skill, though, you can opt out of that option and make Dad a unique gift that he will love!

Handmade gifts can take a long time to create, but not all craft projects need a whole weekend to complete. With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday, you probably don’t have a whole day to devote to crafting, but you can make the gifts by just dedicating a few evening hours this week.

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fathers day business card holder

10 DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Just because something doesn’t take a long time to make doesn’t mean it can’t be thoughtful. I tried to find an array of gifts, so you can make something that your dad will truly love.

1. Business Card Holder

Is your dad all business? Whip him up a handmade business card holder using a reclaimed Altoids tin and pretty paper.

2. Bottle Top Magnets

Collect a few bottle caps and make a set of custom magnets just for dad. If you want to make this project even more recycled, use sliced wine corks instead of the new wooden dowel.

3. Organization Station

Could your pops use a little help in the organization department? Transform a reclaimed cabinet door into an area to hold important papers or display his favorite photos.

4. Custom Hankies

Handkerchiefs are so handy! Turn a thrifted set of boring hankies into customized ones your dad will love. Can’t find them at the thrift store? Here’s a tutorial on how to sew a handkerchief yourself.

5. Take a Cute Photo

Giving dad a framed photo of the family is always cute for Father’s Day, and I love Crafty Texas Girls’ take on how to stage a super cute one using sidewalk chalk. Feeling really ambitious? You can even make the sidewalk chalk yourself!

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Image Credit: photo by Bonnie Getchell

homemade bitters for fathers day

6. Homemade Bitters

If dad digs a cocktail, homemade bitters are just the gift for him! The catch with bitters is that they do need time to steep before they’re ready, so if you make this gift for him, you’ll want to include a tag telling him not to open it for two weeks. The suspense!

7. Homemade Coozie

Whether he likes a cold beer, a soda pop, or just a tall ice water, a coozie will keep his drink nice and chilly during the hot summer. Sure, you can buy coozies at the store, but wouldn’t dad love a customized coozie you made just for him?

8. Mustache Mug

Is dad more of a coffee drinker? Create a DIY mustache mug that will make him think of you every morning.

9. Infused Oil and Vinegar

For dads that love to cook, homemade infused oil and vinegar are such thoughtful gifts. Just like with making bitters, these do may to steep for more time than you have, so just include a note telling him when his yummy gift will be ready to use.

10. Homemade BBQ Kit

Does your dad love to grill? Give him a jar of BBQ sauce that you made yourself along with a sweet, hand-painted brush that he can use with it.

Image Credit: photo by Becky Striepe

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Josh L.
Josh L.3 years ago

Sweet advice. Another great option I love is Blind Surprise - http://blindsurprise.com - it's great because you basically sign up with the recipient's interests and they send out a surprise gift every month that fits. Really awesome and fun.

Daniel R.
Daniel R.3 years ago

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a few good ideas

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Jo Mullen4 years ago

There are some cute ideas in here!

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Melissa M.

Thanks for the great idea! I also like to at least once a year take a really cute or weird picture of my girls and they add art on a piece of paper and we get it laminated for a bookmarker-we are all readers! Remember to date it as it becomes quite an heirloom!

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B4 years ago

good ideas

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sorry, cannot see anything there for my father -in-law he's not an easy one!

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