10 Most Controversial Posts of 2011


Care2 Healthy Living readers are passionate & opinionated  – and that’s why we love you! Here are the 10 most controversial posts of 2011:

10. 6 Excuses for Not Becoming a Bike Commuter (And How to Get Over Them)

“Trading your car for a bike can make a huge difference to your carbon footprint — and to your wallet, as gas gets increasingly expensive. But even when you know how beneficial the swap would be, it’s easier to come up with reasons to stick to your current commute than to branch out onto a bike.

If any of these six excuses are holding you back from bike commuting, it’s time to get over it…”

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9. 8 Shocking Signs of American Excess

“…Except that commitment leads to some pretty embarrassing displays of excess. We Americans are used to a level of abundance that many in the world would gawk at; in fact, it can be downright embarrassing. Other countries and other cultures have their vomitoriums, desert ski resorts, and the Taj Mahal, but when the rest of the world talks about America as the original land of outrageous, inexcusable, and stomach-churning gluttony, this is what they’re thinking of…”

8. 8 Spelling Mistakes Even Smart People Make

“For the most part, each person is unique in terms of writing disability (myself included). But there are some crimes of confusion—particularly when it comes to spelling—that I come across on an almost daily basis. And like overstaying guests, they’ve begun to grate on my nerves, becoming more and more unforgivable with each unwelcome appearance. Such as…”

7. Should I Keep My Cat Indoors?

“As a veterinarian, I’ve seen too many cats succumb to the “trauma of outdoor living”: being mauled by dogs, maimed by cars, shot by BB guns, etc., only to have pet owners who couldn’t afford to have them treated (resulting in euthanasia)…”

6. Let’s Give Casey Anthony A Break

“Have we all lost the capacity to forgive?

I don’t know whether Casey Anthony killed her daughter.  And I’m not going to spout off about how I totally trust our justice system and her release proves the system works (I’m not sure it does).

But a jury of her peers let her go. So who are we to be judge and jury of anyone else’s life?…”

Image credit: FL Gov’t  via Wikimedia Commons

5. Osama Bin Laden Killed: To Celebrate – or Not?

“I felt a rush of relief, almost glee. The Wizard of Oz song, “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” rang through my mind, and I wanted to jump on the rooftop and yell, “Rejoice, munchkins!” or start yodeling the Hallelujah chorus.

But that lasted only about ten seconds, and then I caught myself. Wait. Someone just died. Someone’s child lost a parent. Some friend lost someone they trust…”

4. Can Slaughter-Free Milk Deliver What it Promises?

“While slaughter-free milk is certainly far more humane than conventional milk products, it’s not exactly a realistic model for the dairy industry to adopt. In the meantime, though, perhaps dairy-free milks are your best option…”

3. Can Cats be Vegan?

“… since cats are carnivorous and tend to be natural hunters, we don’t feel right about inviting them to live in our homes, where we value the lives of the birds and the other critters whom cats tend to view as prey, rather than friends. For that reason, when cats wander into Gentle World, we try to find them an appropriate home as soon as is practically possible, and shower them with love, care, and good vegan nutrition in the meantime…”

2. Am I a Bad Person if I Eat Animals?

“The manner in which animals are raised and slaughtered carries both energetic and karmic consequences that the human race must all share. Compare it to standing by while someone you love is being harshly abused. You wouldn’t. You would find a way to help them from being hurt or killed. We share the karma because we are aware of the pain that is being inflicted and do nothing to prevent it from happening. The ethical treatment of animals is the responsibility of all peoples and is one of the precepts of right and moral conduct to do no harm…”

1. A Burger With a Conscience?

“Meat was indisputably murder, as it essentially still is, but now with more awareness, and a measure of humanity, being utilized and practiced by certain small-scale purveyors, the act of eating meat still implicates the consumer in the life taken, but just not the presumed cruelty. At any given moment there are about a dozen types of brands and certifications that inform the consumer that their meat is either sustainably harvested, organically raised, grass-fed, or humanely treated – all indicators that a burger is no longer simply a burger. Sure, some of it is just inflated marketing speak, but much of it does indicate that the wind has shifted and feedlot beef, while still the vast majority of what is available to consumers, is very slowly being challenged by meat raised with a higher sense of scruples…”


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Lovely discussions, sometimes a bit silly though.

Elvina Andersson
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Lovely discussions, sometimes a bit silly though.

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