10 Natural & Handmade Eyeshadow Shades

By now, we hopefully all know that we have to be careful about any product that we choose to put on our face. Whether its foundation, mascara or eye shadow, there are potentially harmful ingredients in nearly all mass produced makeup lines. For eye shadow in particular, there are concerns about iron oxide, which although deemed safe by the FDA for use in the eye area, is a suspected carcinogen, teratogen or toxin. No bueno. To stay on the safe side (and because we always promote giving back to your community directly as opposed to feeding the big corporations), it’s good to buy natural, local makeup (or DIY). This way, you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and what you’re paying your hard earned dough for!

If you’re interested in learning more about the potential dangers of store bought beauty products, we strongly encourage you to read No More Dirty Looks and get informed. If you’re already ready to jump on the bandwagon, check out our favorite DIY recipe for natural shadow below and then read on for ten of our favorite handmade picks. Note: each shadow comes from a different artisan, so click their links to see their entire line.

Charcoal shadow

Activated Charcoal capsules
A small glass jar with a tight lid
Eyeshadow brush, preferably with one thin end for liner and one rounded for smokey effects

Step one:

Open up a charcoal capsule and pour into the small glass jar. Open up another one, and another, and another until you fill your jar about halfway. Store extra charcoal caps.

Step two:

Just open the jar, flip the cap upside down and dab up some charcoal from the lid. Try mixing with a bit of water to paint on as a liner, but you get a nice liner effect without water by using a thin brush.

Step three:

You can also try powdered spirulina for a green shadow and powdered mica for shimmer. Mix them for different effects.

Source: yumuniverse.com

Vanilla (matte off-white, to be precise) natural shadow (Smash Cosmetics, $6)


Chocolate mineral shadow in sample size (De Handmade Cosmetics, $1)


Moondust (aka nude/taupe/champagne) mica pigment (Glamatronic, $6.50)

Purple iridescent in 5 g jar (Tater Rounds Beauty, $3.50)


All natural peach color in 5g jar. This artist puts a lot of info on her listings, click on her store name to learn more. (Novaire Cosmetics, $5)


Ready to go all-in on a set? We recommend this 4-piece from Beneficial Minerals Co, including:

Salted Caramel – a light, golden-bronze colored shimmer eyeshadow
Wildfire – a stunning burnt rose colored shimmer eye shadow
Harvest Moon – a brilliant coral pink colored shimmer eye shadow
Warm Espresso – a deep black-brown colored shimmer eye shadow

A little goes a long way with Sangria – a satiny, very rich dark wine shade (My Beauty Addiction, $5)


“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” mint green pigment (Asil Soap, $4.25)


Navy blue with soft matte finish (Keeping it Natural, $4.50)


Grey shade with lavender undertones in high-sheen, high-shimmer, semi-sheer (Madison Street Beauty, $4.99)


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OK, I had doubts about the "natural" eye shadow, but these actually seem worth a try

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Cool, might try..thanks

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I buy a vegan and organic brand but always welcome other options.

Thank you.

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That reminds me to get another taupe eyeshadow.....

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Love it, very cool and alternative... bye bye freaking chemicals!

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great! but i don't live in america! think it's better then to stick to uk companies again...

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