10 of the World’s Friendliest Countries


Have you ever thought about leaving your regular life behind and moving across the world? So many of us dream of it, but the prospect can be intimidating — Will you find a job and a nice place to live? Will you enjoy the food and the culture? Will you be able to adapt to a new way of life? And, perhaps most importantly of all, will you make friends in a foreign land? HSBC recently came out with the results of a survey of expatriates across the globe. They received enough samples from 30 countries across the globe. Below, we’ve ranked the top 10 countries based on friendliness (tweaking Forbes‘ formula), including criteria like: integrating into the community, making both local and expat friends, having a great social life, and others. Click through to read more about the world’s friendliest countries.

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1. Cayman Islands

London. New York. Tokyo. George Town? Make no mistake, this tiny Caribbean country is one of the most important financial centers on the planet. With its gorgeous scenery, incredible beaches, luxury shopping, and high-end restaurants, the Cayman Islands is truly an expat paradise. And it’s the friendliest destination, too!It earns high marks for, “making friends,” “feeling welcome at work,” “integrating into the community,” and “learning the local language.”If you’re willing to tolerate an exorbitant housing market, a high cost of living, and the questionable ethics of being an offshore tax haven for corporations and the super wealthy, the Cayman Islands is the place for you.

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2. Spain

Though expats in Spain are troubled by the nation’s economic woes, most of the expats surveyed didn’t move to the country for economic reasons in the first place. Indeed, none of the expats surveyed had any plans to leave the country. With a thriving expat community, largely made up of people from the United Kingdom, Spain is favored for its weather and easygoing lifestyle. They’re not just sticking to each other, either — nearly 75 percent of those surveyed were trying to learn the local language, a key factor in attempting to integrate into the community.

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3. Australia

It’s hard to find a friendlier place than sunny Down Under. Of course, English-speaking expats thrive in Australia — with marks for social life, making friends with locals, and feeling welcome at work. In fact, nearly half of expats surveyed said they had more local friends than expat friends!

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4. United Kingdom

Another English-speaking country where integrating into the community and feeling welcome at work rank highly, 93 percent of expats in the United Kingdom aren’t looking to leave anytime soon. Though the cost of living is very high, the UK ranks highest in terms of entertainment availability and quality.

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5. Canada

Our neighbor to the north is a haven for expats raising children, coming in at number one. It’s not too shabby for adults, either — friendly locals, feeling integrated into the community, and having more local friends than expat friends are all reported in the survey.

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6. Mexico

A rich cultural tradition, incredible scenery, great weather, and opportunities for sports and leisure activities are all motivators for expats. Seventy four percent of respondents cited friendly locals — more than many of the English-speaking countries on this list!

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7. United States

With great schools, a high quality of life, and high salaries, most expats in the United States want to stick around. Expats are also less likely to have a hard time making friends and socialize only with other expats than the world average.

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8. Germany

Most expats move to Germany for their jobs — but soon discover a friendly, welcoming people in an interesting culture.


9. China

Though there are significant challenges when it comes to learning the local language, expats in China find it easy to make friends and have a great social life.


10. Italy

Of course, expats in Italy love the food, the weather, the quality of life, and the culture, but they rank the romantic nation high for learning and using the local language. It ranks dead last, however, for feeling welcome at work. Our suggestion? Go for the easygoing lifestyle, not the jobs!

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Sil Le
Sil Le2 years ago

This article should come with the caveat: "as long as you're white."

Jonathan Clark
Jonathan Clark3 years ago

It's hard to agree with friendly lists that have United States.

Bruce L.
Bruce L.3 years ago

Here is another World's friendliest countries ranking where Mauritius arrives 1st, Fiji 2nd, Taiwan 3rd http://www.peanutsdaily.com/?p=1916

Slavena Stoicheva

UK, really?? Is that a joke because it's funny ..

Helga Ganguly
Helga Ganguly4 years ago

Wow-how could one person be so wrong so many times? Are you perhaps rich and white?

Amy L.
Amy L4 years ago

Oh my gosh they forgot France!:)

Melania Padilla
Melania P5 years ago

I don´t think China is a friendly country... And the US, not that much either.

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M5 years ago

We here are reknown for our friendliness. I live in Melbourne and we get voted as the worlds most friendliest cities and its true. I speak to strangers or visa versa when Im out all the time and meeting new people by chance for a split second or a minute or two is fantastic. Its like speed dating without furthering your ' friendship'. I guess sometimes it might progress to a newer level but by and large this hasnt happened to me. Here we are centred around High Fashion, The Arts and especially theatre and music. Our gardens here and I dont mean just parks etc but I mean our own gardens are reknown for being well attended and loved.
Places to go are great too but maybe the top thing which you could be attracted too apart from my list is the food. Imagine a street where there are shops and there are heaps and heaps of cafe's and restaurants who specialise in foods from all over the world. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.Our climate is sensational although we do have 4 seasons and our beaches not only here but anywhere in oz are reknown as well as surfing beaches.
Sun, Surf Beaches, Fashion, Food,Vistas and friendliness too.
arrrh thats my kind of place. I have travelled and have loved every country/city i have visited.

Chris H
Chrissie H5 years ago

I have been abroad many times, visited lots of lovely countries' and I find if you go with an open mind and a smile you are made welcome everywhere, people tend to respond positively to friendliness in any language.

Aimee Polekoff
Aimee Polekoff5 years ago

Cayman Islands is not a country. It's a territory of the UK, which is already on the list.