10 Quick Tips for Changing Your Life

Dream Coach Marcia Wieder shares 10 tips for creating positive change in your life.

“Can you believe in something simply because it matters to you? Then act on it to prove you really do.”

These are my 10 quick tips for living an inspired life:

1. Set an Intention: Understand the power and importance of intention as the rudder to steer your life.

2.Maintain Integrity: Intention and integrity together form the key building block for manifestation. Live with integrity by keeping agreements with yourself and others. It is essential to clear up aspects from your past that can get in your way now.

3.Live on Purpose: Standing in your purpose, the quality of your dreams will change. Without purpose, many climb to the top of the mountain, only to realize – “wrong mountain.”

4.Access Your Dreamer: Create a dynamic relationship with the dreams that you are passionate about. Reality is an important aspect but consider what being realistic has cost you.

5.Learn From Your Doubter: Left unattended, this can sabotage your dreams. But when you create a powerful relationship with your doubter, others people’s doubts actually become the opportunity to deepen your commitment.

6.Believe in Your Dreams: If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will either. Prove you believe in your dreams by taking action.

7.Failure Can Lead to Success: Use all of life’s lessons as powerful tools and create daily practices to deepen what you want to change or develop….Get Marcia’s final 3 tips on InspireMeToday.com!

Known as America’s Dream Coach, Marcia is the CEO and founder of Dream University.

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This is surely a best content that I have never seen anywhere. Eye Of The Psychic

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Believe in your dreams...I will win the lottery...I do believe. Thank you for the reinforcement of many things I already knew.

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I hope I can learn from this and make my life a little better

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It is NEVER too late!

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sounds good. I found it hard to relate to, tho, as I'm a senior and not an athlete. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I have 2 words: meditation cd's.