10 Reasons to Eat Green Smoothies

Do green smoothies really taste good?

I hear that question and see that look on people’s faces all the time when I talk about green smoothies. But everyone I serve a green smoothie to is surprised at how good this green liquid tastes—and they want more.

It really is a great way to begin your day: with a 100% raw alkaline meal filled with powerfoods. Plus, they are very yummy because they are filled with the fruit you love.

I first learned of the raw movement and green smoothies from Victoria Boutenko of the ‘Raw Family.’  She is truly the ‘Queen of Green Smoothies.’ She invented green smoothies after much research in the library and her kitchen. She was searching for better health for her sick family, and now the whole family is very healthy.

Between You and Me: I do not eat anywhere near 100% raw foods. My diet is 40–70% raw, depending on the season.

Despite being green, which sometimes scares people, green smoothies are actually very tasty and very good for us. They are filled with healthy greens such as spinach and yummy fruits like raspberries and mangoes.


10 Good Reasons to Include Green Smoothies in Your Diet:

1. 100% alkaline: Greens are the highest alkaline-forming foods.

2. Very easy to digest: For many, as it was for me, eating raw food can be challenging for the digestive system.

3. Highly nutritious: The greens are full of vitamins A, K, D, and E, which are all fat-soluble. Vitamin K helps calcium and phosphorus bind onto the bone protein matrix. (Here is a description of one of the most common greens people use and one we recommend because it doesn’t have a bitter taste: Power up Your Day Like Popeye!)

4. Eating more live foods: you consume more fresh fruit and greens.

5. Filled with lots of fiber, which we know we need for elimination. Freshly made vegetable juice is easy to digest but lacks fiber. (Filled with Smart Carbs not Dumb Carbs.)

6. You will get more of the nutrients in a well-blended green smoothie.  Most of the cells in the greens and fruits are broken down; they actually begin to be digested in your mouth.

7. Simple and quick to make and they actually taste good because they have lots of sweet fruit in them.

8. Greens help widen our blood vessels, helping the blood flow, inhibiting the development of blockages, and destroying inflammation because they are full of a gas called nitric oxide.

9. Greens are full of chlorophyll, which purifies the blood, prevents tooth decay, aids in proper digestion, helps detoxify the liver, keeps the thyroid gland in balance, cleanses internal organs, enhances capillary function, supports sex hormones, decontaminates inorganic chemicals, and builds up red blood cell counts, according to Dr. Ann, Dr. Bernard Jensen and G. P. Earp-Thomas of Bloomfield Laboratories. (Read more about how Greens Are Good for Us.)

10. Improved health: Many notice the need to sleep less, as well as better elimination and stronger nails and teeth. Smoothies have made such a big difference in my life that we provide Weekend Web Bootcamps with smoothies in mind.


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How to make a green smoothie taste good:

  • They need to be made correctly (see recipe links on next page)
  • Use fruit that you enjoy eating
  • At first, use light-tasting greens like spinach, and not too many of them
  • They need to be blended very well, so that there will be no lumps or pieces of greens
  • They will taste good because they are filled with yummy sweet fruit

How to get all of the nutrients in greens:

You have to really chew them well and have a very high level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Both of these are difficult to achieve.

  • Let the blender chew the greens
  • By adding fruits that are acidic to begin with, you are adding an ingredient that helps the greens to digest
  • The fruit makes the greens taste good so you enjoy eating your greens

Victoria Boutenko says: “Let me point out that although I didn’t like greens, Igor simply couldn’t tolerate them, which is pretty typical of Russian men. Another two months later his moustache and his beard started growing blacker, which made his face look a lot younger. Igor got so excited about this that he became the green smoothie champion of my family. He would wake up early and make two or three gallons of smoothie every day: one for me, one for him, and one for Sergei and Valya to share.”

(You can listen to Victoria Boutenko – Queen of Raw explain how she invented the ‘Green Smoothie’ and why she loves them because they taste so good.)

How to be very economical:

When making your green smoothie, harvest the weeds in your garden for use. I use dandelion greens, chickweed or lambs’ quarters. The good news is that you also will be weeding your garden and maximizing your time.


Food combining concerns?

  • Vegetables and fruits together?

You may have heard that it is not good to combine fruits and vegetables.  This is true to some extent; starchy vegetables like carrots, cauliflower and broccoli do not combine well with fruits. In fact, they will cause fermentation and gas in the intestines which can be very uncomfortable. Also, you will not be getting the full nutrition from those fruits and vegetables.

Green leafy vegetables combine well with every food. So yes, green leafies combine well with fruit.  Jane Goodall says that she has seen monkeys making a sandwich of green leaves covering fruit.

  • Should fats be in your smoothie?

According to food combining, this is a no-no. But we know that good fats help with the absorption of our fat-soluble vitamins like K and E, plus the absorption of minerals. In my opinion, the abundance of greens in the smoothie is helped with a little fat, such as from flax seeds, a few soaked nuts or seeds, or flax oil. As I said, use just a little, not a lot, because we don’t want to get fat.

What to do with leftover green smoothie:

1. Immediately pour into a jar that will be filled up to the top. Put the lid on and refrigerate till later in the day or for the next morning. Do not do this if you will not be consuming it within 24 hours.
2. Pour into a jar making sure there is 1/3 of the jar empty; freeze it for future use.
3. Pour into ice cube trays to use in a punch or a cool summer drink.
4. Make it into popsicles for a healthy summer treat for the children.
5. Add it to your salad dressing to make it extra-healthy.
6. Share your green smoothie with a friend, a neighbor, or a co-worker while it is still fresh.


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I love my morning green smoothie for breakfast, and as you can see I am enjoying it very much.  It’s very different from the norm. You can read about it here: Diana’s Green Smoothie with a Difference

It helps me start my day with a raw alkaline meal that tastes so good and it is filled with nutrition.  If you have not tried them yet, be brave; make a green smoothie for a snack today. Join me on our next BootCamp and learn how to make green smoothies.

Lots of tasty green smoothie recipes for you:

Green Orange Spinach Smoothie: Super easy, tasty smoothie to make with only 2 main ingredients.

3 Minute Green Smoothie: Randy makes a fast delicious meal.

Raw Green Smoothie, Part 2 with Bloopers: See what happens when you don’t put your blender lid on.

Green Raspberry Smoothie/Pudding: It’s a healthy smoothie. It’s a tasty pudding! No… It’s WHATEVER YOU LIKE!

Green Smoothie Blueberry/Apple Pudding: Another of my personal favorites that I eat often because it is super yummy.



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Temperance Ropple

I make sure I buy beets with the greens attached and carrots with the greens...I buy lots of fruit and wash and freeze. Then when I am ready to make my smoothies, I use some Kale, beet tops, celery, and whatever else i have..sometimes some spinach, sometimes dandeline. I cut and wash and put in blender till it is loosely packed. I add 1 cup of Almond milk, 60 cal., and 1/2 cup of yogurt, 50 cal. and blend. then I add 1 frozen banana, a doz. red frozen grapes, , blend..then I add some frozen water mellon and some frozen blue berries , if they are in season..what I get is a delicious frostie..one I have for breakfast, and 2 I freeze. Those late night attacks for something bring me to my freezer and I have one. There are about 120 callories per serving!