10 Record-Breaking Pets (Videos)


Long cats, short cats, tall dogs and small dogs — click through to watch videos of recording-breaking pets. What world record does your beloved pet deserve? Tell us about it in the comments section!


1. World’s Tallest Dog

At a whopping 3’8″ feet (1.1 m.) tall, Zeus the Great Dane is the tallest dog in the world. And that’s just standing normally — if he goes up on his hind legs, Zeus measures in at 7.4″ feet (2.2 meters)!

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2. World’s Longest Cat

This isStewie, the Guinness World Records-certified “World’s Longest Cat”! Stewie, a Maine Coon, measures in at a whopping 48.5 inches.

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3. World’s Largest Eyes

Bruschi the Boston Terrier wins dog the title of “world’s largest eyes,” which measure in at 1.1 inch in diameter.

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4. World’s Longest Ears

Is it any surprise that the dog with the world’s longest ears is a Bassett Hound?! German-born Jack’s ears are over one foot long!

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5. Longest Surviving Janus Cat

Most cats with Frankenlouie’s kind ofcongenital abnormality only survive for a few days. This persvering guy, however, is over 12 years old! Frankenlouie was set to be put down at aveterinary school when one of the employees offered to take him home to try to save him. Her hopes weren’t high, but over a decade later Frankenlouie is still around, even earning the distinction of the longest surviving janus cat!

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6. World’s Shortest Cat

Fizz Girl of San Diego, California is the world’s shortest cat. Measuring 6 inches tall and weighing in at 4.25 lbs, Fizz Girl is small even for a munchkin cat. But despite her small stature, Fizz Girl loves climbing and playing like any other cat.

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7. Fastest Balloon-Popping Dog

Anastasia the Jack Russell terrier certainly earned her title as the fastest balloon popper around. She popped 100 in just over 44 seconds!

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8. World’s Longest Tongue

Puggy the male Pekingese may steal the spotlight now, but his life wasn’t always so glamourous. Puggy’s breeders abandoned him because of his unusual looks. Now, though, that extra-long tongue, measuring 4.5 inches, has given him the recognition this adorable guy certainly deserves.

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9. World’s Smallest Working Dog

Weighing just 2 1/2 pounds, Lucy the Yorkshire Terrier is the world’s smallest working dog. So what’s her job? Well, Lucy is a therapy dog, working with children with disabilities, visiting nursing homes and hospitals and more. And, as you might expect, the little lady is a big hit!

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10. World’s Loudest Purr

Louder than a vacuum clear, a lawnmower, and a subway train, Smokey the cat earns the distinction of having the world’s loudest purr, clocking in at up to 92.7 decibels!

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