10 Simple Vegan One-Pot Recipes You Should Try

There are so many misconceptions about a vegan diet. Tell someone youíre vegan and youíll get questions like, do you get enough protein? Isnít a vegan diet very expensive? Are there delicious vegan recipes?

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These are all myths. You can easily get enough protein in a vegan diet. In fact, plant protein is shown to be healthier, since meat protein has been linked to heart disease and cancer. And, as youíll see from the delicious recipes below, a vegan diet is very affordable.


Donít hesitate to try these recipes, theyíre simple and take little time to prep. Here are 10 one-pot vegan recipes.

1. Quinoa and sweet potato chili

You can cook this meal any day of the week since it doesnít take much time to prep. Itís perfect if youíre craving a sweet and spicy meal.

2. Vegetarian Irish stew

This is more of a vegetarian diet because it contains Guinness, which isnít vegan. But you can make it vegan by substituting Guinness with a stout like Samuel Smithís.

If youíre tired of meat substitutes or red lentils, this is the perfect recipe for you.

3. Kidney bean curry

Do you want to lose weight? If so, kidney beans are among the best weight loss foods since they contain protein, fiber and folate. You can eat as much kidney bean curry as you want without worrying about excess calories.

4. Potato split pea soup

This hearty soup is perfect for dinner. In fact, itís enough to make a complete meal since it contains split peas. Feel free to substitute split peas with lentils.

5. Hoppiní black-eyed peas and collards

The Hoppiní John dish is delicious and nutritious. It contains fiber, protein and carbs.

6. Ginger and sesame roasted Brussels sprouts

This recipe requires only six ingredients and itís easy to make. Some of the ingredients like ginger will help lower risk of diseases. Here are benefits of Brussels sprouts.

7. Hominy soup recipe

Donít let the long list of ingredients put you off, most of the ingredients are optional. Hominy soup is healthy and it will keep you warm in this cold winter weather.

8. Sweet potato black bean chili

You will love this 5-ingredient recipe. Itís sweet, healthy, spicy, filling and easy to prep. Feel free to add avocado for a well-balanced meal.

9. Chickpea and artichoke one-pot recipe

This recipe is quite simple. You only need to prep the veggies for a few minutes, then toss everything in a pot. You can combine it with rice or eat it on its own.

10. African peanut and sweet potato stew

Give this African stew a shot. Itís delicious and gluten-free. Serve it with quinoa or brown rice.

Which of these one-pot recipes will you try first?


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