10 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

I recently visited a magazine office that was terribly chaotic and claustrophobic. Plastic mugs, grimy carpets  and enough paper strewn around to stretch a dozen miles. I noticed that almost everyone in there was sniffling or coughing.

Not a happy image.

Since we spend up to 40 hours a week in the office space, I thought of sharing some easy ideas to help you stay healthy and active while you’re there.

  • Don’t skip lunch. In fact, try to eat a light but nourishing lunch all five days of the week. According to Ayurvedic healers, lunch should be your most important meal of the day, since your digestive energy is at its peak during the afternoon.
  • Try not to eat at your desk—numerous studies show that hidden bacteria lurk on desktops. Besides, paying attention to what you eat helps you eat less and digest your food better.
  • Don’t share glasses, cups and bowls, even with your close colleagues. Office utensils are notorious for their infection-causing potential.
  • Clean your mouse and keypad regularly.
  • Say goodbye to the soda machines. Drink fair-trade organic coffee and tea.
  • Drink water from a real cup and use filtered, not bottled water. Good for the environment, too.
  • Keep beautiful objects in sight: a nature painting or poem, a small gift from a loved one, perhaps pebbles picked from the seashore…they have a way of relaxing frayed nerves.
  • Schedule a collective time to step out for a walk in the fresh air. Besides giving you a workout, this also helps improve memory and productivity.
  • Use recycled paper, and copy on both sides of it. Better still, use as little paper as you can.
  • Keep healthy snacks and munchies in small bags handy. Dark chocolate, almonds, raisins,  and fresh fruit are not only delicious but also boost your immune system.

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Maureen O.
Maureen O.4 years ago

This is a great article. Very true and to the point! I notice a complete difference in my work when I pay more attention to what I'm eating and when I am active. Long hours of sitting in one place can really slow down your thinking and put you at risk of health issues in future.

Lola S.
Lola S6 years ago

going to give this a try - especially not skipping lunch part - such a bad habit

Monique R.
Monique R6 years ago

I like the tip about keeping beautiful objects in sight. Think I'll try that.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen6 years ago

Thank you :)

Marcel Elschot
Marcel Elschot6 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Christine Jones
Christine J6 years ago

Helpful article, but as the article says to avoid eating at your desk, the picture of the person eating at her desk should not have been used. I think eating at your desk is antisocial, grubby and very bad for you.

Joel Romp
Joel R6 years ago

great read, some of this is easier said than done but it is worth it to attempt to get most of these habits broken

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ

Thanks for sharing

Fiona T.
Past Member 6 years ago

Health is a treasure keeping us to chase for wealth

Georgeta Trandafir

thanks you