10 Things Your Pets Want To Tell You About Going Green

From Your Loving Pet…

1. I am easily distracted. Did you see that squirrel? If you want to make a measurable difference, you’ll need to get my attention. Please put up a recycling system for the whole pack so we can easily access it. Don’t forget to remind us often how to use it – as we sometimes forget (or get lazy).

2. Follow through with your commitment to green up your life. I don’t know about you, but I hate when you say you are going to play with me and you don’t. Here’s a Green A-Z Guide to get you started. Hey, even if you can do just some these easy greening ideas, we’d be ahead of the game.

3. Take me for a walk and lead me where you want to go. Education goes a long way. Teach those kids of yours that the environment needs protecting because soon it will be theirs.

4. Reward good behavior by giving me lots of toys for going greener. Check out Practically Green’s diagnostic tool. It provides a personalized plethora of ideas for living a green lifestyle. They even have stuff for green pets. Could we be Superbly Green like Ronnie?

5. Skip the bottled water. The spout is too small for me to get my tongue into, and when you tip it I get all wet. Gee, I hate that. Also, plastic is made from either petroleum or natural gas, two nonrenewable resources extracted in ways that pollute my air and water. Did you know those plastic manufacturers add chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates to certain types of plastics that make some of my toys totally toxic?

6. Keep my bed/nest/home/crate/abode clean. There’s nothing worse than clutter. It takes all the fun out of messing up the house when you leave. Oh, did I mention that you should take me with you. I do not like being left home alone.

7. I can never have enough food hanging around. Buy my food in bulk. It saves on gas and packaging waste. Is it too much to ask you to make it organic and tasty. Oh, and don’t forget the treats.

8. Please pick up my poop so it doesn’t pollute water and spread disease. Plus, it’s gross and embarrassing to leave it where someone might step in it. Have you considered composting my waste?

9. Notice how I let others know when they’ve invaded my territory? Have you seen the restraint I have when I avoid biting when a simple growl will do? Think before you leap at others. I rarely get hurt when I jump off the furniture, right? That’s because I know my limits. People have limits too. When you tell others about going green, please don’t go rabid on them.

10. Take me for a walk often. I enjoy nature and I want to protect it with you. Then come back to Care2. Why? Because I am a loyal pet.


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