10 Tips For A Non-Toxic Summer

Oh, sweet summer. That fleeting season, sometimes unbearably hot (and increasingly so, in many parts of the country) and delightful in its simplicity, freedom, and fruit. Before you know it, kids will be heading back to school and the leaves will be falling.

Beat the heat with these 10 tips for a safe, non-toxic summer!

1. Eat the harvest!

Eat as seasonally as possible. Because it is so hot, I try to have fresh fruit smoothies each day and a big salad each night. This is the season to eat like Michael Pollan says: eat food that has its own packaging (peaches, berries, spinach). You can thank me later for the health benefits of this kind of eating.

2. Walk, bike, share a ride!

Use the car less. This is the perfect season to walk or bike to your errands — and simply to stay home and play in the yard. Have a drink on the porch. Live simple, and drive less. Your pocketbook and the climate will thank you!

3. Open the windows!

Indoor air can be 3 times more polluted than outdoor air. Inside our homes we have flame retardant chemicals, heavy metals from outside, and other household toxins from dust. Open the windows as much as possible to circulate out polluted air and refresh your home.

4. Purge!

There’s so much to purge in a busy household with growing kids! Take some time in the good weather to pass along items that are no longer useful in your home. Recycle old electronics that might contain toxic chemicals to reduce exposures throughout your house. You’ll feel good making room — and simplifying your surroundings. (I really need to do this one– now!)

5. Clean with non-toxic cleaning supplies!

After moving many items and organizing, a cool summer day is a good time to give the inside a good cleaning with safer cleaning products without chemicals, or you can make your own.

6. Hang the laundry!

Use that sunshine! Take laundry outside to dry and save energy and emissions from using your dryer. It smells so much better, doesn’t it?

7. Take your reusable water bottles everywhere!

Avoid buying bottled water which is bad for the earth and bad for our health. Instead, pack your water bottles everywhere you go this summer, and avoid throw away cups and containers, and plastic!

8. Don’t let your kids drink from the garden hose!

I know, I remember doing this and I am fine (somewhat). But most hoses are made with toxic PVC, lead, BPA and  expose kids (and workers) to harmful chemicals. Head inside and drink from a glass or stainless steel water bottle.

9. Go barefoot inside!

Many toxins are brought inside on shoes. Summer is the perfect time to forget the shoes and slippers and go barefoot in your house all summer long.

10. Learn more about heat and extreme weather!

Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to our warming planet. Know the facts about how hot summer weather impacts your family’s health.

So live in the now! What are your tips for having a safe, healthy and non-toxic summer? Share your summer tips in the comment section below.


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by Katy Farber


Kitiara Fey
Kitiara Richards4 years ago


Kitiara Fey
Kitiara Richards4 years ago


Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra4 years ago

Thank you Moms Clean Air Force, for Sharing this!

Ernie Miller
william Miller4 years ago

Ooo yes Barefoot in the grass and grounding Lay flat on the ground and feel the pull of Mother nature on your body so wonderful and refreshing!

Susan B.
Susan B4 years ago

Very useful, thank you

Satya B.
Satya B4 years ago

cool stuff, thanks. I also wash my laundry in bulk and always air dry them, it smells and feels so great. Make use of more biodegradable washing and cleaning materials. As with bathing I learnt to stop using so much soap and chemicals on my body I make use of water with Epsom salt or bicarbonate of soda or apple cider vinegar. I do walk bear foot in the house. I don't have a car I make use of public transport and walk 2.5 km to school every day. I prefer to eat less processed and whole foods of my food is full of colour and variety of fruits and veggies.

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Christine W4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Sheyla Ventura
Sheyla V4 years ago

Thank you, good reminders!

Marie W.
Marie W4 years ago

Open windows, love that.