10 Tips to Prevent Costly Vet Bills

While many of us have to get creative when money is tight, itís hard to deny our pets the care they need regardless of the cost. Letís face itĖveterinarian care can get pricey, especially without†pet insurance. There are ways to save on pet health costs, and most are pretty common maintenance care that in the lifetime of your pet will save money on medical bills.

1. Puppy Proofing

Make sure that your petís home environment is safe for puppies and dogs of any age. Make sure that chewable items with choking hazards, toxic chemicals, and other unsafe items are kept out of the way. Fences/safety gates can also help keep pets out of trouble.

2. Leashes/Properly Securing Pets

Itís extremely important to make sure pets are safely contained when not in the home. There is the potential your pet can get away from you and get lost, stolen, hit by a vehicle, get into altercations with other animals or otherwise hurt. A $10 leash or $25 pet carrier could save you hundred or thousands of dollars in medical bills, stress, and loss.

3. Good Home Dental Care

Brushing your pets teeth goes far beyond a pearly white smile. Good dental care prevents expensive cleanings or worse, the devastating and costly medical complications caused by†poor oral health.

4. Grooming

Nail trims and keeping your petís coat shorter can help prevent injuries and infections that could end up costing you more in the long run. Some of these you can do from home, but letting the professionals help you out when you need it will help your pet stay safe and healthy.

5.†Regular Wellness Exams

Remember the saying that ďan ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?Ē This is true with pets as well. Preventative medicine allows your pet a regular examination for lumps, bumps, heart, and lung issues and any intestinal problems that can occur. Trust us, the cost of this exam is well worth the savings if it can provide early detection and avoids major issues down the road.

6. Vaccinations

This one is a no-brainer: Make sure your pets have the right vaccines on schedule to prevent a host of dangerous and costly diseases and medical conditions.

7. Parasite Prevention

Know whatís more expensive than flea and tick prevention? Having your home fumigated after a flea infestation. Ditto for treating Lyme disease.

8. Good Nutrition

As humans we know that the quality of our health is directly tied to proper nutrition and the same is true for pets. Spend a little more for healthier food, treats, and supplements and reap the reward of longer, healthier lives for your pets.

9. Regular Exercise & Healthy Weight

This one builds on good nutrition. Make sure pets have adequate opportunity for exercise to help them stay at a healthy weight and avoid expensive weight-related complications (diabetes, osteoarthritis, etc.).

10. Spaying/Neutering

Who doesnít need† to wake up 12 kittens in the laundry room? You donít! Making sure your pet is spayed or neutered ensures they wonít bring home any expensive surprises, and more importantly, it keeps you from contributing to the homeless pet population.


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Selected by Laura Drucker, TAILS Editor


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