10 Undeniable Life Truths

We often look to noted sages, scholars and success stories to find inspirational quotes to help us get through life’s rough patches.

But in doing so, we may be unintentionally undermining our own ability to inspire.

Each one of us has the ability to galvanize our fellow human beings, simply by meeting our individual life challenges head-on, with a healthy dose of humility and perspective.

A group of people who face extreme trials on a day-to-day basis are the men and women who are caring for an elderly loved one who can no longer care for themselves. When these family caregivers get together to talk about their experiences online, they share an endless amount of information and inspiration; not only about caregiving, but about life in general.

Here are some of the top life truths, as told by family caregivers:

  1. “You deserve to have a decent life.”
  2. “Everyone has his nature and sometimes those natures crash against each other. But if you keep an open mind, all problems can be solved.”
  3. “The only one who has the power to change your circumstances is you. Start living your life again and I promise that your future can be promising.”
  4. “You can’t stop someone from being a diva, but you can stop treating them like one.”
  5. “A healthy dose of wit and humor is the best medicine.”
  6. “Sometimes it just helps to know that you have a little cheering section out there–just for you.”
  7. “Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a reach of caring. Allowing others to help you is a gift, not a burden.”
  8. “I may feel broken right now, but I know that one day I will heal and feel whole again.”
  9. “Things do happen for a reason. Sometimes we know why, sometimes we don’t, but it is all as it should be.”
  10. “Life is difficult. We learn. We grow. Hopefully coupled with compassion for those we care for, and also for ourselves.”

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By Anne-Marie Botek, AgingCare.com Editor


Rosemary H.
Rosemary H4 years ago

I don't believe that things happen for a reason. They happen, and you grow as you find your new path.

Diana R.
Diana R4 years ago

What wonderful quotes! Several of these are going on my desk

Terry V.
Terry V4 years ago


patricia yates
Patricia Yates4 years ago

Thanks, it's very easy to forget about your own wellbeing when you are caring for somebody else.

Nikolas Karman
Nikolas K4 years ago

Before you can care for and love others, you have to learn to unconditional love yourself.

Shalvah Landy
Past Member 4 years ago

Good advice for all, not only caregivers.

Brian M.
Past Member 4 years ago

Undeniable truth. The world is a better place when we choose to be kind.

Deborah W.
Deborah W4 years ago

Death and Taxes ... all else is what you make it.

GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSheila D4 years ago

My truth would be: Payback's a Bitch. I've found that if you give out bad, you'll usually get bit the rear worse than what you gave.

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra4 years ago

Thank you AgingCare, for Sharing this!