10 Unique Handmade Father’s Day Gifts

While shopping for Mother’s Day might be fun and even easy, Father’s Day is another animal all together. Dads often want a lot less and maybe even need less than the women on your shopping list. You can certainly get away with a card or baked good, but if you’re looking for something really unique for your dad this year, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite handmade gifts that we know he’ll appreciate. These are items you can order from artisans all over the U.S., or – if you’re brave, you can try your hand at DIY’ing yourself. Simply take inspiration from any of the items that best represent your pops and do an internet search for how-tos. You may be surprised what you can come up with!

In the comments below, let us know what you’re planning to get dad this year and any of your own DIY tips for Father’s Day. Want even more suggestions? Check out our roundup from last year, filled with items you can still order now.


For the computer geek dad: set of five handmade coasters, featuring vinyl covered floppy discs with a cork base. Your coasters will arrive gift wrapped in a clear cellophane bag with a bow. (Techno Chic, $25)

The Capcatcher Bottle Opener makes a great gift for any beer lover, as it features the Latin-esque phrase “Carpe Cervesiam.” “Carpe Cervesiam” loosely translates to “Seize the Beer!”:  the perfect saying to the end of any long day. Fashioned from a high-quality piece of select Maine hardwood, the opener is handcrafted and beautifully finished in a New England workshop. Opener heads are heavy-plated solid steel – built to last for generations. Generous-sized pouches hold up to 6 six-packs worth of bottle caps! Features a magnetized back for attaching to the fridge, and includes screws for mounting to the wall. (Innovation Workshop, $30)

What dad won’t just melt when he gets a first look at his new frame, personalized with a touch of love for him and his kid. Add any names, dates, and text to make this frame perfect for your occasion. This frame design has been decorated using a dark brown background with earthy accents. Let the shop know if you have another color scheme in mind — colors and text styles can always be changed to fit your needs, free of charge! (Taylor June Gifts, $36)

Okay, so yes, ties are the standard Father’s Day gift. But instead of (or in addition to!) the gift of style this year, why not get him something to actually house all of those ties? Can be modified to say Dad or Grandpa or Papa or whatever you’d like. Differing color combos available. (Rachael Windemuller, $40)

Lovely handmade Tunisian unique Chess set. The board and the pieces are olive wood. The pieces are individually hand carved and are sure to become the focal point wherever you put it. A handy feature are the two little drawers on opposite ends of the board for times when the game stretches on for days and you don’t want to lose your opponents pieces that you won. (Tunisia Handmade, $70)

Got an on-the-go dad? This is the newest minimalist design for everyday use: iPhone 5 case, card holder, ID case and wallet made of Italian cowhide. You carry the world in this case. It has 6 compartments: 1 for your ID card or any other certificate, 4 for the cards 1 for banknotes + 1 silicon cover for your iPhone 5, so you can use all functions of your best friend without taking it from the case. The case is pretty slim and the craftsperson didn’t use any hardware that can be dangerous to the screen. (Farrago Bags, $60)

Got a fisherman in the family? This is a handmade and handstamped custom antique heart fishing lure. The item is pictured in bronze, but they sadly just sold out of that material. The shop is happy to offer it in either copper or brass with an antiqued and brushed finish. The fishing lure is made large enough to accommodate multiple lines of custom wording and is made of a high quality metal. This is available in limited quantities and for a limited time. Each lure is hand cut and antiqued, so no two will look exactly like, which adds to the one-of-a-kind quality. (C and T Custom Lures, $18)

These collar stays are brushed stainless steel and measure 2 1/2″ long and this listing comes with 2 personalized collar stays. You pick what it says! (Peyton’s Treasures, $20)

This manly stainless steel superhero keychain is personalized and hand stamped with the message, names or dates of your choice. Sample says, “My Dad, My Hero” with three dates around the perimeter. You can have names around the perimeter or dates and any saying you want on the inside “S” portion. A pewter split ring is attached at the top for your keys. (Stampin’ Off the Path, $20)

Looking for a unique gift for the cook in your life that already has a spice collection? These seven blends will knock them out! And the magnetic jars will be reusable for future spices. Hexagonal shape fits together creating a spice-colored honeycomb flower on your fridge. Strong neodymium magnets will keep jars from sliding. Caps are hand-embossed with spice names. Gold plastisol lids form an airtight lock, keeping spices fresh. Seasonings are hand-mixed by the shop, using all organic herb and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. They won Oregon’s “Ethics in Business” award for 2010. (Gneiss Spice, $52)


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