10 Vegan Recipes for Fall

The leaves are changing colors, and the mornings are getting crisp. It must be fall here in the northern hemisphere! The cooler weather usually means a change in out diets as summer’s lighter fruits and veggies give way to more hearty, fall-themed foods. Goodbye, tomatoes; hello squash and kale! Here are some recipes to help you take advantage of fall’s bounty.

1. Kale Chips

Kale is a nutritional superstar and is delicious sauteed with olive oil and garlic. For a different twist, try snacking on these tasty kale chips that you bake right in the oven!

2. Oatmeal and Sweet Potato Muffins

Packed with vitamin A and healthy rolled oats, these oatmeal sweet potato muffins make a great breakfast on the go.

Next: Pumpkin oatmeal, apple crisp, and curried eggplant burgers.

Apple Crisp

3. Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal

Tired of your usual bowl of oatmeal in the morning? Give it a festive twist by baking your breakfast in a hollowed out pumpkin!

4. Apple Crisp

Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities. What better way to make the most of your harvest than baking up a vegan apple crisp?

5. Curried Eggplant, Lentil, and Quinoa Burgers with Onion-Pepper Relish

Early fall means that a lot of our CSA baskets are bursting with eggplants. I’ll admit that I get a little bit tired of tossing them into veggie roasts and stir fries after a while. Susan V’s curried eggplant burgers are just the thing to mix things up!

Next: Acorn squash custard, root veggie roast, and broccoli soup.

Roasted Vegetables

6. Chocolate Acorn Squash Baked Custard

Acorn squash is another fall staple that sometimes needs a revamp. You can only eat stuffed and roasted squash for so long before you’re wanting other options. While squash might not seem like a dessert item, this amazing chocolate acorn squash custard from Manifest Vegan begs to differ.

7. Root Veggie Roast

Root veggies are some of fall’s star players, and a roast is a great way to highlight those delicious turnips, radishes, and sweet potatoes. Throw in some Brussels sprouts, and toss with olive oil and herbes de Provence and you’re in business! Most veggie roasts take about an hour if your oven is set to 425 F. Just give it a good stir every 15 minutes to make sure everything browns evenly.

8. Vegan Cream of Potato and Broccoli Soup

Nothing says comfort food like hot, creamy soup. Vegan Dad’s cream of potato and broccoli is perfect for those chilly fall nights.

Next: Mashed cauliflower and cabbage rolls.

Cabbage Rolls

9. Mashed Cauliflower

A lighter alternative to mashed potatoes, cauliflower is full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This mashed cauliflower recipe calls for soy milk, but you could easily substitute a soy-free milk alternative if you’re trying to cut back on your soy intake.

10. Cabbage Rolls

Rolled cabbage was a staple around my nani’s house when I was little, and cool weather always makes me crave this dish. It’s a great chance to pull out some of the tomato sauce you canned over the summer and enjoy the fresh, fall cabbage!

So spill it! What are your favorite fall-themed recipes?

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Image Credits:
Fall CSA Basket: Creative Commons photo by unertlkm
Apple Crisp. Creative Commons photo by bookgrl
Roasted Vegetables. Creative Commons photo by sharynmorrow
Cabbage Rolls. Creative Commons photo by sheila


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