10 Easy Ways To Be Green

By Randy Fritz

Earth Day has come and gone. An event that started 40 years ago, known only to hippies and tree huggers, is now recognized throughout the world for its importance.

The trouble is… we are not doing enough for our planet.

Why be more green?

1. To save the planet for yourself, your children, your friends, and for your childrenís children.
2. To enjoy clean air, clean water, beautiful skies, and breathtaking beaches.
3. To enjoy better health for yourself, your children, your friends and for your children’s children.
4. To save money for yourself, your family Ö ( you get it by now)
5. To reduce political and economic instability.

The question is: are you growing in green awareness each day and doing something about it, or not?

Remember that little awakenings and changes made by large populations can make a big difference. You donít have to run out tomorrow and buy a hybrid car or donate your life to Greenpeace. Just do what you can.

10 Easy Ways to Be Green

1. Eat Organic

You canít argue against the benefits of organic farming. Crops grown without chemical pesticides do not contaminate the earth with toxic substances. Studies have proven that organically grown fruits and vegetables are higher in certain nutrients. Organic food can be a bit more expensive but by supporting organic farming you can support this trend and prices will come down.

The chemicals used by conventional farming affect your health as well as the environment. The chemicals get washed away into our lakes, rivers and oceans so the life there has to deal with them. Why not deal with it with a simple decision instead? Your body – and the planet – will be happy you did.

You can also not douse your clothes and home with chemicals:† Are Your Clothes Toxic?

2. Eat Less Meat

Meat production, compared to plant production, has a carbon footprint that is 57 times bigger! Reducing your carbon footprint is just one of the benefits of being a vegetarian. Your average meat-eating dog has a bigger carbon footprint than a gas guzzling SUV.† (Note Iím not suggesting getting rid of your dog. I love them! Just making a point.) A single pound of meat also requires 1,500 to 12,000 gallons of water. Water supplies are already low for many areas of the world and it is going to get much worse.† Read more here: Nice Cow – Bad Cow Effects

We are not advocating becoming a vegetarian necessarily Ė just that most people could reduce meat consumption with many benefits. One of these is better health.


3.† Use Less Energy

  • Turn off lights, computers, etc, whenever not in use.
  • Turn down your thermostat in winter: Just two degrees can save you six percent off heating costs.
  • Open your windows in summer and turn off your air conditioner.

4.† Use Less Gas

  • Just inflating your tires can save you one to two percent of your gas.
  • Driving 62 mph (100 km/h) versus 75 mph (120 km/h) will reduce fuel consumption by 15 percent.
  • Donít idle for more than one minute. Anything more than one minute and it would be more efficient to turn off your car, even in winter.
  • Being easy on the brakes and accelerator can save you 15 percent.

5.† Use Less Plastic (and More Glass & Wood)

  • Use reusable grocery bags. China will save 37 million barrels of oil each year because of their ban on plastic bags.
  • Use glass containers for storing your food. Your body will be happier because the chemical in plastics leaches into your food.

6.† Eat Local Whenever Possible

Local food eliminates the high environmental cost of transportation. Itís also fresher!

7. Use Less Water

  • Install low-flow shower heads, taps and faucets. Low flow aerators use one-half to one-fifth the water. No plumbing experience necessary!
  • This is real simple: Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, shaving, washing your hands, or rinsing dishes or vegetables. This saves three gallons per minute.
  • Fix dripping taps and leaking toilets by replacing washers and worn parts. A faucet drip or toilet leak will waste up 5,475 gallons of water per year.
  • Use biodegradable (phosphate-free) detergent and soaps.

8.† Simplify Your Life

The best things in life are free and also abundant!

  • Walk to save on gas whenever possible. You will be more healthy and more happy. Read about how you can Walk Your Blues Away.
  • Grow a garden instead of stressing yourself and burning gas driving your car to the grocery store.

9.† Get Involved Locally, Nationally, Politically

There are hundreds of ways you can get involved in groups and activities that are geared towards this purpose. Just on Care2 alone there are hundreds of groups and petitions you can participate in.

10† Share This Post and Articles Like It

You could comment on this post, or index it, or share it with your friends or other networks.

What do you do regularly to help the planet? What will you do today and tomorrow? Please share what you are doing below.


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I do most of these, I am sharing this!

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good tips! i strive to live by them as much as possible and wish others did as well...

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I struggle with the idea of going vegetarian due to having so many food issues and allergies. And food dislikes.

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Thank you!

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