10 Ways to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint Through Food Choices

By John Chappell, Eat. Drink. Better

A website recently delineated a simple list of 10 ways that you can reduce your environmental footprint through changes in your food choices. The list is fairly straightforward and involves changes that any person in any country can make to reduce their carbon footprint. Substantive facts for each item are also laid out and explained along with a brief description of how the change can affect the environment in a positive manner.

Here the list of changes you can make to your food choices to reduce your environmental footprint:

• Eat less beef, pork, and lamb.
• Eat out at restaurants less often.
• Eat fewer dairy products.
• Drink fewer soft drinks.
• Eat seasonal and local fruits and vegetables.
• Eat fewer packaged snacks and junk food.
• Upgrade to an energy efficient refrigerator.
• Eat wild fish that are not endangered.
• Drink less bottled water.
• Walk to your local farmers market or grocery store.

You can see the full list here.

The great thing about this is that none of these actions are difficult, expensive, or time intensive to perform. In fact each of these activities, by themselves or collectively will probably make you healthier, better fed, and even happier.

If you think about how you can reduce your carbon footprint and make yourself and your household more environmentally friendly, it’s going to be small changes like the ones listed. Not everyone has the desire or means to move off the grid and live in a self sufficient cabin in the wilderness, but small changes add up, and small changes are sustainable and can be built upon.

This is also by no means an exhaustive list, there are many other changes you can make to your food lifestyle and consumption habits to reduce your environmental impact, but these are definitely 10 ways to start and get the most bang for your buck.

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Thank you.

Sophie P.
Sophie P.2 years ago

Great tips. Another easy way is to start composting all of your family's waste. This article has great pointers http://www.bokashi.com.au/News/step-into-the-future.html

Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly5 years ago

Great tips--thanks.

Nimue Pendragon

All it takes is a bit of thought :)

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Thank you- helpful info.

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Karen Martinez5 years ago

Good starter list. Could also have added after 'eat out less often' -- 'take your own lunch in reusable containers'. Thanks for the article.

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Interesting - thank you !

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