100+ Puppy Mill Survivors Cared For

Over 100 survivors from an Arkansas puppy mill have found a safer place at the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, DC. It was mostly small-breed dogs like terriers, poodles, pomeranians, and shih tzus that were found in filthy conditions at the Arkansas puppy mill. The owner was charged with three felony counts of animal cruelty. Some of the dogs found by authorities were no longer alive..

The Washington Animal Rescue League’s CEO said, “We are prepared to give them everything they need – though it may take months of intensive work – to help them make the transition from caged animals being bred like livestock to cherished family members.” (Source: Washington Post)

It was a very good reminder during holiday season, when impulse purchases of puppies from pet stores are somewhat common for members of the public to properly inform themselves about puppy sourcing. Meaning, if they don’t understand some of the puppies for sale in pet shops have been kept in deplorable living conditions at puppy mills, they are more likely to buy them and unknowingly support animal cruelty.

In some cases, the puppy mill dogs have been kept in very small cages and have not been socialized in a healthy way, so they are very weary of being around people which makes it harder for them to be adopted at an animal shelter after being rescued.

Consumers can play a role in reducing the number of puppy mills by refusing to buy puppies and dogs from pet stores and make sure they are properly informed before making a purchase, or even better – adopting a puppy or dog from an animal shelter and saving it from being euthanized.

Image Credit: Pluma

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Nena G.
Nena G4 years ago

Great news. Hurray for the rescuers and people who work to help socialize these poor creatures to ready them for good homes. Thanks, Les M., for the update!

Christinaalex Nicki
.4 years ago


Les M.
Les M5 years ago

i noticed this posted in december 2011 so i went to the rescue site to see if there was an update. this was posted from a local radio show (wtop) in march 2012:
Seventy-six of the dogs have been adopted and 10 were transferred to breed rescue groups who will place them in permanent homes. Jim Monsma, Chief Communications Officer for WARL says that leaves 23 dogs still looking for placement. Some of those aren't available yet because they're still undergoing medical attention

Alexandra Pappano
Alexandra D. P5 years ago

Three cheers to Washington Animal Rescue for leading the charge! Its been time that we all
need to see these puppy millers as greedy, cruel animal abusers who only care about profit
at the expense of innocent lives. Shut 'em down!

Tamara r Pearlman

Yay, criminal charges!! Yet, why did they have to take them to DC? To prosecute?? Puppy Mills need to be shut down and banned across the US. I have been in rescue for a long time and the one mill I helped bust will haunt me forever. Boycott and report online ads selling pets. Boycott pet stores that sell puppies, kittens, bunnies, birds as they are all from mills. Also, adopt a rescue. They make the best, most loyal pets ever!! God Bless these creatures.

katarzyna phillips

i got my dog Tian as a pup from a reputable person. my next dog will be a rescue

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson5 years ago

Thanks for all you do.

Fiona T.
Past Member 5 years ago

I wish there're more stories like this

Anne S.
Anne S5 years ago

So sad that the humans just don't get real jobs to earn an income. Why cause so much suffering in the name of greed?

Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

Why are people still supporting these breeding factories when there is plenty of fab dogs to adopt at your nearest shelter???? Where is the common sense people????