Harvest Skin Toner: Mayan Secret Formula

Rachel C, AZ, asks: Spas tend to use fruits and vegetables to care for the skin. What would you suggest?

Annie says: Here is a wonderful fruit-and-vegetable-based formula for a skin toner, one that was decoded from an old Mayan text of beauty formulas by a Mexican archaeologist. The nourishing and skin softening ingredients in this toner are beyond compare. A good time to make this toner is when the harvest is bountiful. If you donít own a juicer, borrow one and make large batches, freeze the mixture in ice cube trays, and pop out a cube as needed. Cucumber juice could be made in a blender. You can also make just a weekís worth of this toner at a time.

Zazil Toner
1/4 cup cucumber juice (the same pH as the skin)
1/8 cup carrot juice (rich in vitamin A)
1/2 cup spearmint infusion (considered one of the best cosmetic herbs)
1/4 cup chamomile infusion (avoid if you are sensitive to ragweed)
1/2 cup lemon juice (an alpha hydroxy acid)

Make the cucumber juice and carrot juice. Make strong spearmint and chamomile teas, and let cool. Combine all the ingredients in a glass jar and shake to blend. If you freeze the mixture in ice cube trays, just pop out a cube and rub it over your face, then put the cube in the refrigerator and use the toner over the next few days.


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