11 Amazing Handmade Pet ID Tags

It is highly likely that your pet doesn’t care much what his or her ID tag looks like. For that very reason, up until recently, all of my dogs over the years have sported the cheapo bone tag that you get out of one of those machines from Petco. Simple, practical and to-the-point. That was until my handmade and vintage obsession went so far into overdrive that there is almost nothing I don’t want uniquely made. So, whether my dog Somewhere knows it or likes it or not, he now has a couple of adorable tags made by some create folks all across the country. If you’re interested in something similiar for your own dog or cat, I’ve rounded up my ten favorites (a few of which are the ones I own) whittled down from hours of searching and narrowing down.

I’d love to know your favorite in the comments below. Have a handmade tag already? Share with everyone where you got it.


My personal favorite and the one my dog wears most often. It’s a large tag and is best for larger breeds (so, not the best option if you’re looking for a cat or daschund). The Soaring Heart tag is four fun layers of metal (copper and nickel silver) that are soldered and riveted together. (Doggone Tags, $35)

This copper and nickel silver halter or bridle tag identifies your large pup (or horse, pony or mule) should they wander off. It’s 1.5″ in diameter, large enough that it’s easy to see from a distance. The shiny concho is soldered on, and your furkid’s name is stamped underneath on the front. The back of the tag is large enough to stamp your animal’s name, your address, stable or barn name, or a couple of phone numbers. (Urban Puppy, $25)

This stainless steel, durable tag has a unique design that I haven’t found duplicated anywhere else. Simple and chic and comes in three finishes (bronze, a darker antique bronze and gold plated). (Flash Gordon Designs, $45)

I’m obsessed with this lady’s work, and she has tons of tags to choose from in her shop. One of my favorites? This canoe ID made with 3 metals. It’s 1 3/8 inches and great for medium to large dogs. Stamp your pet’s name on the front and your phone number on the back for no extra charge. All tags come with a split ring, so it’s ready to hang on your pet’s collar. (Island Top Custom Tags, $30)

Ever needed to open a beer and couldn’t find a darn bottle opener? Well now your bottle opener will never be more than a whistle away! This stainless steel ID tag is custom made, stamped with your pet’s name, phone number or anything else you want it to say. The tag includes a small split ring for easy attachment to your dog’s collar, and a removable silicone bumper. (Pop Tag, $16)

This shiny and simple ID tag is sweet and perfect for your little girl. The larger size is pictured here, but there is a smaller size available as well.

With this unique tag, your petís initial is coordinated with a Scrabble tile and the color of your choice for the ultimate nerdy fun look. (Scarlett & Co., $8)

Looking for something a little different? Maybe a little… quieter? These custom leather tags, dyed in your color choice, are unique and simple. (Dog Dog Goose, $10)

This 1-inch custom tag is made from 18-gauge Nu-Gold (also known as red brass), though other metals are available at checkout. The front of the tag will be hand-stamped with the adorable and hilarious phrase, “have your people call my people” and a name or phone number stamped on the back. Like all of the tags I’ve included, it is not engraved by a machine but rather each letter or number is carefully stamped by hand onto the metal (as such each tag will have some slight variations in the stamping depth and spacing and will be totally unique). It is then tumbled for several hours to polish, and finished by hand polishing. (Critter Bling, $11)

Another highly unique tag, this one is made out of bamboo. Don’t see that everyday! Perfect for anyone allergic to (or just not a big fan of) metals. (McLaughlin Creations, $15)

I mean… come on! This ID is adorable for a dog who lives near (and loves) water and mountains. (Island Top Custom Tags, $35)


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Hii.. your tags looks very classy. I love all of them. We also makes exclusive designs of pet collar tags.

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This is a nice post!!!!
Pet id tags is most important to your pet coz it makes safer side to our pets in the crowded place or any home event. Pet tags designer makes exclusive designs to our pets which shows ranking of our pets.

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cool. i would rather spend money on things my dog enjoys, but cool. these are more for the owner.