11 Animals More Likely To Kill You Than Sharks

Sharks are kinda scary. In the water they’re faster than us, can appear from what seems like out of nowhere in an instant, and pack a pretty solid bite. It’s easy to get nervous when you’re in the dark ocean and unsure of who is swimming by with a toothy grin. But sharks aren’t the animals you should be most afraid of. Here are some that are much more likely to cause your demise.

(Bottom line: we love animals, but they all deserve their respectóand sometimes distance!)


655,000 people killed each year, primarily in Africa, through the little buggers spreading malaria left and right.


2,900 people are killed by these mammals annually in Africa. That roly-poly exterior is just to lure you in.



130 people killed across the US by deer, almost exclusively because they hit them with their cars. That saying “a deer in the headlights” came about for a reason.


53 people die each year in the US because of an allergic reaction from being stung.



30-35 people are killed each year in the US. Fido isn’t always your best friend.


20-50 people are killed each year in Africa from ants. They may be small but dozens, hundreds, or even thousands stinging you really adds up.



20-40 people per year die in the Philippines alone, from the anaphylaxis caused by the stings.


22 people are killed in the US every year from these seemingly docile creatures. They’re fun to pet, but getting kicked in the head… not as fun.



20 people die each year thanks to our equine friends.


6.5 people die in the US every year from spider bites.



5.5 people die from rattlesnake bites each year in the US, which isn’t a whole lot considering how common they are in popular hiking and camping areas.


>1 person is killed each year in the US and fewer than 6 worldwide are killed by sharks. From 2006 to 2010, there were just three fatalities from shark attacks in the US.

Granted if you’re swimming with bull sharks, you’re more likely to die by shark attack at that moment than a cow. But most of us aren’t in the water with sharks as often as we find ourselves next to a cow on a visit to a farm, or at a petting zoo. And we certainly are around bees and ants a whole lot more often than sharks. But if you find yourself swimming in the ocean — or even some rivers — you’re probably nearer to sharks than you realize. With millions upon millions of beach-goers and surfers taking to the water every day, only a small handful are ever bitten or killed by sharks. So if you find yourself harboring feelings of fear or even hatred of sharks, you might want to take a step back and gain a little perspective. They aren’t nearly as deadly as you might think.

By†Jaymi Heimbuch, TreeHugger


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Sandy Faison
Sandy F2 years ago

Thanks to sensational TV news we only hear of sharks! Oh if a rodeo cowboy gets killed by a bull, we hear it if it happens near us--Lane Frost is still remembered!
Humans are by far the deadliest of creatures. The animals killing are probably doing what they do and humans don't pay attention to their warnings!!

Julia Cabrera-Woscek

What about the humans?

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H2 years ago

I meant "of course."

I see it's an old article. Why does the link come up with the new ones?

Rosemary H.
Rosemary H2 years ago

Humans should be on the list of cours

But killed by horses? Killed by horses who have not had the benefit of being kindly handled, or killed by falling off a horse, which is very different.

Fi T.
Past Member 2 years ago

The human are the real murderers

Jennifer Manzi
Jennifer Manzi2 years ago

yup they forgot the humans

Aasim Ahmed
Aasim Ahmed2 years ago

Asian Giant Hornets Should have been in the List Too & Humans Too :(

Lorraine Andersen

I agree with Monika. humans top the list. How many animals do we kill a year?? Seems like the animals should be allowed a few more to even the odds.....

Melania Padilla
Melania P2 years ago

Yes, humans.....

Monika A.
Monika A2 years ago

Ladies and Gentleman !!!!
Of the top ten deadliest creatures :
the winner iiiissss - a human !!!