11 Cool DIY Mirror Ideas

Any room looks good with the addition of a mirror. Mirrors reflect light, and can stand in for art if properly framed. Mirrors work in any kind of decor, modern or rustic. There are applications for small mirrors, and for large mirrors. Of course, mirrors can be pricey. I recently shopped for a full length mirror, and ended up upcycling one that I found in my folks’ basement, as brand new full length mirrors were expensive!

One of the great things about DIY mirror projects is that you can often find super inexpensive mirrors at your local thrift shop or swap shed. It doesn’t matter much what the frame looks like, as long as the mirror itself is intact and free of scratches. Crafting a new frame is where the creative fun is. These eleven DIY mirror ideas should spark your imagination. They were all posted on Hometalk.com by DIY bloggers who love to share their great ideas. Have fun!

Upcycle a cheap door mirror: A totally sleek and chic way to stylize a standard big box store mirror.

Revamp a large bathroom mirror: How to add a wood frame and trim to a plain unframed large mirror. You might need the help of a carpenter for this project, but it’s worth it.

Rustic mirror tutorial: How to frame a mirror with found wood.

Turn a plate charger into a mirror: You know chargers, those plates beneath the plate? Yeah, I don’t get them either. If you’ve been gifted a charger or two, dig them out of the bottom of the closet and make cute mirror frames with them.

DIY full length mirror: What do you get when you combine an old door and a big unframed mirror? This really cool DIY mirror idea.

Sunburst mirror from sticks: There are a million and a half tutorials out there on how to make a sunburst mirror. I like this one because it is rustic looking.

Chrysanthemum mirror made with plastic spoons: This DIY mirror idea takes the cake. Kristi from Addicted 2 Decor made an unbelievable flower-esque frame for her mirror out of plastic spoons. Now you can do it, too.

DIY knock off Z Gallerie Chateaux Wall Plaque: Amanda from The Ivy Cottage, a DIY handywoman from Wylie, TX, made this awesome mirrored wall hanging inspired by one that she saw at the store.

DIY mirrored ceiling medallion: Bring some sass and class to your ceiling with a DIY mirrored ceiling medallion.

PVC pipe mirror: So cool, and a great way to upcycle PVC pipe.

DIY distressed mirror: If you have a shabby chic house, this is the DIY mirror idea for you.

Photo via Kris Kraft vi Ucreate.

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx


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katarzyna phillips

when i was a teenager, i created my own mirror in my bedroom in my parents' house by arranging unwanted cds [usually the free internet ones like freeserve and aol you used to be able to get when the internet was this amazing new thing!] into shapes [diamond, triangle etc] after turning them shiny side up. then used some that had a shade of color on the shiny side to add a bit to the shape. i liked that mirror!

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