11 Signs The Nutella Shortage Will Change Your Life

I have some devastating news to share with you, my friends. Your beloved nutella is in jeopardy.

According to the Weather Channel, “surging crops prices, which are up by 60 percent, a ten-year” could be pushing prices of Nutella way up. If that’s not scary enough, after a bad season in Turkey, where 70 percent of the world’s hazelnuts are harvested, all hazelnut-based products’ availability could become very scarce very soon.

Out of fear of a world without Nutella, Ferrero, who makes the delicious treat, purchased the hazelnut suppliers in Turkey, in the hopes of protecting us from an existence sans Nutella. I mean, can you imagine? Let’s not go there just yet.

Similarly to the shortage scare of limes and avocados in the past year, this news about hazelnuts is just further proof that erratic weather (climate change, anyone?) and changes in the environment are taking a toll on some of our most beloved foods. There’s no telling what will happen in the coming years, but you might want to emotionally prepare yourself for the worst, and stock up on your Nutella NOW.

Did all of the above shake you to your core? Then you’re probably in a relationship with Nutella, and here’s even more proof that this is the case.

1. Your First Thought Every Morning Is About Nutella.
What can you put your Nutella on this morning? A baguette? Bagel? Regular old toast? Or do you have time to carefully make a Nutella-filled crępe like the ones you used to eat that semester abroad in Paris?

2. It’s Your Automatic Go-To When You’re Having A Bad Day
Screw therapy. Forget the pint of Ben & Jerry’s. And the bottle of wine in which to drown your sorrows? No, thanks. When things hit the fan, nothing consoles quite like Nutella. The best part? It’s such a good listener and never, not even once, tells you to stop crying. 

3. Your Facebook Profile Photo Is You And Your Nutella.
Because of course it is. I mean, like a photo of just you would be a complete and utter insult to your main squeeze.

4. You’re Constantly Thinking Of Ways To Incorporate It Into Everything You Do
You’ve even tried to fashion a dress out of the yummy, gooey stuff, but lo and behold, you can’t sew Nutella.

5. You’re Never Without It
The thought of being without it is like, well, not even an option. And you refuse to apologize for your devotion. Refuse!

6. You Seriously Consider Ending Friendships With Those Who Don’t Share Your Nutella Affinity
Some people don’t want to be friends with people who vote for different political parties, others wouldn’t dare to entire into a friendship with someone who thinks Nickelback is all the rage, so why would you keep a friend around who doesn’t understand your relationship with Nutella? It’s like being friends with the enemy.


7. It’s Your #1 Cuddle Buddy
Who needs a pet or a teddy bear, when you have this little gem in your life to keep you warm and cozy at night?

8. You’re Constantly Trying To Make It Better
You don’t want to change your Nutella, but you want to bring out its very best qualities, so you’re forever experimenting with ways to really make it shine… in your belly.

9. Every Time Is Just As Good As The First Time
Wipe that happy tear from your eye. I get it.

10. Your Last Thought Before Bed Is Nutella.
Well, shouldn’t your first thought of the day and your last thought of the day be the same? Isn’t that the sign of true love? One word: YES.

11. The Thought Of A Life Without It Is, Frankly, No Life You Want To Ever Experience
You. Can’t. Even. You seriously, just can’t even. The fact that I’ve even dared to broach this possibility makes you want to claw my eyes out. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. As I said before, I get it. I really do.

by Amanda Chatel, from YourTango


Magdalena J.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thank you!

Julia Oleynik
Julia Oleynik3 years ago

Trans fats?! I'm not sure) Thanks for funny article :)

Syd Henley
Syd H3 years ago

Does anyone actually eat that disgusting Yuk Muck. It is little better than that other evil and vile tasting product called Marmite that was inflicted on the worlds taste buds.

Tammy D.
Tammy D3 years ago

I hope care2 received some money for running this tripe.

Sorry, but this is just ridiculous. Nutella only contains about 13% hazelnuts. The rest is PALM oil and sugar. Can't see how it would be of interest to people on care2.

Shame on you, Amanda Chatel and your YourTango friends.

Rhonda Broes
.3 years ago

Nutella contains PALM OIL, plus trans fats. So NO thanks!!!

Nimue P.

No shortage of limes and avocados in Australia in the last year :) and we don't eat Nutella, so hey.

Nimue P.

No shortage of limes and avocados in Australia in the last year :) and we don't eat Nutella, so hey.

Kimmy H.
Kimmy H3 years ago

Thank you.

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

J Wells
J Wells3 years ago

Ferrero has reason to be worried. Nutella is not the only product they make with hazelnuts, most of their delicious candies have hazelnuts.