11 Surprising Uses for Fruit Peels

Even the compost doesn’t need your fruit peels. From perfect roses to soothed skin, read on for some of the most surprising problems you can solve with fruit peels.


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1. Polish Silver. Banana peels work excellently at cleaning silver, silver jewelry in particular. Blend 2-3 peels into a paste with 1/4 cup water and set aside a bowl of water. Apply the paste to the silver with a soft cloth, and then transfer silver to water bowl. Pat dry.

2. Clean Aluminum Cookware. Believe it or not, the acidity in apple peels will actually clean and remove pesky stains from your aluminum cookware! Bring water and apple peels to a boil on the stove and let simmer for about 15 minutes. Your cookware will shine again!

3. Wipe Counters. Orange peels work like a sponge on your counters and stovetops. It might even work better than a sponge!

4. Make Cleaning Products. Orange and lemon peels are an excellent addition to DIY cleaning products. Click here for a great recipe.

5. Nourish Plants. Roses and tomatoes in particular love bananas! Add some peels to your fertilizer. All of those nutrients that make bananas healthy for humans work wonders on roses, too.

6. Repel Insects. Orange peels keep the bugs at bay. It’s simple—if you’re dining outside, just place an orange peel on the table.




7. Remove Splinters. How do you get rid of those pesky splinters? Well, a banana peel will certainly help! Tape a bit of peel over the splinter and let it sit for about a minute. Remove, and, if needed, repeat until the splint is out and you’re pain-free.

8. Soothe Rashes, Itches & Bug Bites. Bug bites, poison ivy, rashes and itchy skin in general can all be calmed with banana peel. After you’ve thoroughly washed the impacted skin, apply a bit of banana peel to the area. It works like magic!




9. Soften Brown Sugar. Toss a few lemon peels into your bag of brown sugar to keep the stuff from getting clumpy and hard.

10. Candy Orange Peels. Candied orange peels make a great garnish for a number of desserts. Just remember to use organic oranges when candying the peels—the non-organic kind are often coated in unhealthy pesticides that don’t penetrate the skin. For detailed instructions, click here.

11. Make Smoothies. Apple peels make an excellent addition to fruit and vegetable smoothies. Loaded with fiber and easy to freeze, save those peels and toss ‘em in your next morning smoothie.

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