12 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 11, and if you want to go the handmade route without stressing out, now’s a good time to start planning the day for your mama!

I know: Mother’s Day is just another greeting card company holiday, but as a new mom I have to say that I really enjoy a day that acknowledges how hard I work at being my best self for my one-year-old. I also love the chance to celebrate my own mom, who’s been such a big support to our growing little family.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be about stuff – it can be about sentiment. We can buck the materialistic traditions and skip the expensive cards and gifts. Instead, give your mom a handmade Mother’s Day gift straight from your heart. The gift ideas below range from traditional items to sentimental ones, so there’s something for everyone!

DIY Mothers Day Brooch

Make your mom a pretty paper brooch to proudly wear all day long!

12 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Mother’s Day Brooch – Make her a fun recycled brooch to wear all day long.

2. Feed Her – Instead of going out, treat mom to a yummy mother’s day brunch!

3. Sassy T-Shirt Scarf – Does your mom love to accessorize? Make her this sweet scarf in her favorite colors.

4. Scrap Wood Photo Blocks – Let’s be honest – moms love pictures of their kids and their grandbabies. Make those photos extra special by creating a mini art piece!

5. Lavender Bath Salts – Moms work hard. Help her unwind with some soothing homemade bath salts.

6. 10 Things I Love About You – We get so busy, and sometimes it can be hard to remember to slow down and tell our moms how we feel. Sum it up with this sweet Mother’s Day gift idea!

7. Photo Collage Hanger – Turn an old thrift store picture frame into a beautiful hanging collage full of memories that mom will love.

8. Make a Sweet Locket – Turn an old locket into a forever keep sake with this simple tutorial.

9. Flower Garland Wall Hanging – Instead of a bouquet, turn mom’s flowers into a beautiful garland that she can keep forever! The flowers will dry, so the look will change over time as they’re preserved.

10. Terrarium – This is another fun alternative to flowers. Terrariums are easy to maintain, so mom will enjoy it long after a bouquet would have hit the waste bin.

11. Glitter Mugs – Does your mom love hot drinks? Turn a thrift store mug into a shiny glitter mug!

12. Homemade Sugar Scrub – You can give this to mom on its own or pair it up with the bath salts (see #5) for a mini home spa kit!


Annie L.
Annie L.4 years ago

Your ideas is really excellent. I love your ideas for MOM.
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BJ M.4 years ago

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Karen Peterson
Karen Peterson5 years ago

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good ideas thanks :)

sheila casey
Past Member 5 years ago

Q?: why give things? If you have such a relationship, the gift of time is probably most welcomed. Too much emphasis on 'stuff' . Yes, tokens of appreciation and love are nice but a walk, sharing a meal, doing things for your mother to help out ... if you are far away, a phone call for a nice chat. Many of us do not have tight relationships with our parents and tend to fill that gap with things. Instead of giving a token of your affection, give the gift of yourself and your time for her this year: mother, aunt, grandmother, dear elderly neighbor ...

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