12 Stunning Tree Houses

When I was little, I visited a friend whose dad built a tree house with a zipline that led directly to the family’s front door. It was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen—but nothing compared with these astonishing dwellings. Some houses are the handiwork of ambitious amateurs, while others are eco-friendly architectural marvels.

I’ve Got My Eye on You
Sure, this tree house looks suspiciously like an eyeball, but the “Free Spirit Sphere” (designed by Tom Chudleigh) coexists unobtrusively with its forest environment.

Photo Source: Flickr user rkeys23_2


The Miracles of Baumraum
German design firm Baumraum creates striking (and green) private residences in forests around Europe, all to customer specifications.

Photo Source: Flickr user centripetalnotion.com



Unspoiled Beauty
The majority of the Korowai hunter-gatherer clans live in tree houses on their isolated territory in Papua, New Guinea.

Photo Source: Flickr user rkeys23_2



The Best Part of Waking Up
Japan’s leading architect, Kobayashi Takashi, built this egg-shaped house out of driftwood for a Nescafé commercial (starring himself, funnily enough). He gathered all of the driftwood from a nearby beach on Hokkaido’s northernmost island.

Photo Source: Flickr user the BCth


Daydreamer’s Paradise
Originally built for the owner’s daughters, this tree house has views stretching 180 degrees from downtown Los Angeles to the Pacific Ocean.

Photo Source: Flickr user the BCth



Rapunzel’s Abode
Talk about a magical retreat! An enterprising carpenter built his tree house right into the trunk of a huge tree.

Photo Source: Flickr user rkeys23_2



Falcon’s Perch
The playhouse designer and the carpenter who produced this exquisite little tree house on Long Island not only collaborated on the project, but also got married not long after its completion.

Photo Source: Flickr user the BCth



The Butterfly Effect
As part of an advertising campaign for New Zealand Yellow Pages, a Kiwi design team created this breathtaking restaurant in Auckland. “We were inspired by the hanging ‘organic’ form of the butterfly’s chrysalis,” the architect said. “[There’s a] ‘lantern’ effect at night where the skin becomes transparent and the interior glows.”

Photo Source: Flickr user lucygdesign


The House of Mirth
This spooky tree house in Somerset, England, has an almost human quality. Is that a nose coming out of the front window?

Photo Source: Flickr user RomanyWG



Twin Peaks
With neighbors this close, you’d better hope Mister Rogers lives next door.

Photo Source: Flickr user rkeys23_2



Swiss Family Robinson
In the mid–nineteenth century, Le Plessis, just outside Paris, became famous for its tree house restaurants, where chic Parisians dined on roast chicken and champagne hoisted up in a basket pulley.

Photo Source: Flickr user rkeys23_2

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