12 Surprising Uses for Mayonnaise


Mayonnaise isn’t just for sandwiches! From restoring furniture to combating lice, check out some fantastic ways to use mayo.

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Get rid of pesky sticker gunk. Coat affected area with mayo and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Wipe away and — voila! — the gunk is gone.

Clean crayon marks. Encouraging children to be creative is great, but when they take their creativity to surfaces other than paper, you are left cleaning up a mess. Dab some mayo on the crayon marks, let it sit for about 10 minutes, and wipe away.

Shine plants. Those leaves are looking a little drab, aren’t they?! Shine them up by using a dry rag with a dab of mayo on it.

Polish piano keys. Have your piano keys lost a little luster? Dab some mayo on them, let them sit for a few minutes, and wipe away.

Restore wooden furniture. Watermarks on wood are no fun. Place some mayo on the affected area, let it rest for about 10 minutes, and wipe off. You may need to do a little (gentle!) buffing.


Health & Body

Strengthen fingernails. Are your nails too brittle? Give them the TLC they deserve by coating them in mayo. It also works great for repairing cuticles!

Exfoliate skin. Dry, flaky skin? Substitute mayo for your regular exfoliator, if you dare! You can also use the stuff as a hair conditioner.

Remove too-tight rings. Coat the affected area with mayo and get to wiggling!

Get rid of lice. Hopefully you won’t ever have to use this one! Generously coat your hair with mayo and let it sit for about an hour. Rinse and wash with dish soap. Be sure to check to see if the remedy worked.

Soothe sunburns. Next time, wear sunscreen, but this time, coat your painful sunburns with mayo for some much needed relief.



Butter substitute. Yep, mayo is a great substitute for butter, particularly when it comes to grilled sandwiches.

Egg substitute. When you’re baking, you can sub 3 tablespoons of mayo for one egg.

Tofu substitute. Well, it’s not vegan, but if you’d like to swap out tofu in a dressing, dip or sauce, mayo is a great alternative.

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William C
William Cabout a year ago


W. C
W. Cabout a year ago

Thank you.

Kelly S
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I use vegan

John Wesen
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I put it in mashed potato, it's fantastic!

John Wesen
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I put it in mashed potato, it's fantastic!

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Fascinating. Fell about laughing when I saw that the associated article that appeared on the first screen that I saw was about 'wire coathangers' - how are these associated...?

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Who knew--thanks 4 the great suggestions!

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I have used it to replace some of the butter in recipes.