12 Uses for Aloe

Is there any better feeling than slathering your sunburn with aloe vera? Well, sure, because there are a ton of other ways to use the stuff that don’t require an ill-advised trip to the beach sans the sunscreen. Check out some great ways to you aloe.

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Skin & Nails

Soothe Dry Skin. Can’t stand your dry skin? Aloe vera is one of the best ways to keep it hydrated.

Strengthen weak nails. Are your nails dry and brittle? Gently massage aloe on your nail beds every day for a few weeks and watch them gain their former luster.

Sooth Razor Burn. Rub onto razor burns for some much-needed relief!

Fade Stretch Marks. Together with cocoa butter (though not mixed together!), apply aloe vera to stretch marks at least once every day.

Fade Freckles. Same principles apply as with stretch marks. But they’re so cute on you — don’t get rid of them!

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Aloe can be used to soothe or prevent a number of skin-related health issues, such as:

- Eczema
- Insect Bites
- Blisters
- Rashes
- Frostbite
- Bruises

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Strengthen Teeth. Aloe can prevent cavities and the buildup of bacteria. Some toothpastes already have it as an ingredient. If your brand doesn’t, you can dab some on your toothbrush after brushing for some added protection.

Combat Bad Breath. The brushing method described above is also a great way to fight stinky breath.

Mouthwash. Check out this fabulous recipe for DIY mouthwash!



Make Hair Conditioner. Check out the ingredients & instructions here!

Fight Against Dry Scalp. Massage a teaspoon of aloe vera juice into your scalp for great (non-oily) moisturizing relief.

Promote Hair Growth. Aloe vera is thought to stimulate new hair production, even in places where hair is thinning or lost.

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It really works miracles. I tried it once on a burn, the pain was gone within a few minutes.

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Thanks for some of these great tips. .

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Thank you for this posting. I am very lucky as I have lots of Aloe Vera plants in my garden, I also use it on my animals, and what is wonderful is .. its free.

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There are some GREAT uses for aloe...thank you for this information!

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Lovely uses for the delightful Aloe Vera plant. Would love to plant these outdoors on the balcony but they would all have to be brought back inside once the weather gets cold.

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