12 Uses for Wire Hangers


If you’re anything like Joan Crawford, you really, really, don’t like wire hangers, at least for their intended purpose! But, as much as you’d prefer plastic or wooden hangers, there always seem to be some wire ones around. You can try to take them back to the dry cleaners, sure, but you can also use them for one of the following clever tricks. Read on to discover some awesome ways to reuse wire hangers!

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Home & Garden

1. Unclog Drains. Use a straightened-out hanger as a quick fix to remove unwanted hairballs from your drain.

2. Pick Locks. Now, we’re not advocating anything illegal here! But if you lock your keys in your (old model) car, poke a straightened-out hanger into the lock and try to jimmy it open. This won’t work on newer cars, though.

3. Get Things Out of Small Spaces. My favorite kitchen knife recently fell in the tiny crack between the stove and the cabinet. I was stumped about how to get it out without, you know, accidentally stabbing myself, until I realized that a wire hanger was just the thing I needed. I flattened it out until it was as long as possible, keeping the hook in place. With just the right amount of graceful movement, my beloved knife was back again!

4. Clean off Wax from Candlesticks. Wire hangers are a great way to get out that pesky gunk.

5. Stake Plants. Use a flattened hanger to give a boost to plants in need.

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6. Paper Towel/Toilet Paper Hanger. With the aid of pliers, you can bend a wire hanger to make a paper towel holder! Check out detailed instructions here.

7. Computer/Book Stand. All it takes is 30 seconds to make a sturdy computer, iPad, or book stand. Watch this video for insight into making this awesome DIY project!

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8. Multi-Purpose Hanger. Attach clips or s-hooks to a wire hanger and you’ll be able to hang even more stuff, such as socks, underwear, scarves and small towels.

9. Re-String Sweatpants. Isn’t it the worst when your drawstring gets undone? Well, worry no more with this great trick — on a flattened hanger, make a knot with the string, andcarefully guide it through.

10. Keep Belts in Place. To keep the loose end of your belt from flopping around, fasten a little bit of cut wire from your hanger around the belt, making sure that’s tight enough to stay put!


11. Roast Marshmallows. Forget the stick — use a flattened hanger to satisfy that s’mores craving.

12. Roast Hot Dogs. Or veggie dogs, or tofu dogs, or whatever.

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William C
William C7 months ago

Interesting, thank you.

Kamia T.
Kamia T4 years ago

I totally like Sian R.'s recommendation that you can do the same thing with a roll of wire from the hardware store, since I never dry-clean anything and so don't get wire hangers ever. However, is you're really looking for some, do stop by your local cleaners -- they often have ones returned by customers they can't use and throw away and/or your local thrift store will take your extras.

Sian R.
Sian R4 years ago

If, like me, you don't take clothes to the dry cleaners you won't have any of those oh-so-useful wire coat hangers.
Don't worry though. Just go to your local hardware shop and buy a roll of 'galvanised garden wire' of the right weight/thickness.
"12 uses" is barely scratching the tip of the iceberg. I've recently used my wire as an insert for an infinitely bendable monkey's tail on a fancy dress costume.

Margaret B.
Margaret B4 years ago

Wire hangers aren't natural - they breed in the wardrobe/closet :D

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Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing.

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Good tips.Thanks for sharing

Christina B.
Christina B5 years ago

It wasn't until recently that I found out how much Joan Crawford hated wire hangers, lol! I really, really dislike them, too.