12 Ways to Choose Healthy over Harmful

Every food ingredient you put in your shopping cart is a choice. Every morsel you put into your mouth is also a choice. Why not choose healthy over harmful? Some simple reminders:

INSTEAD OF                                               TRY

White flour bread                                     Pumpernickel, rye or whole-wheat bread

Iceberg lettuce                                        Green leaf, red leaf or romaine lettuce, spinach, arugula

Bologna                                                   Hummus (it’s yummy, too!)

Salami or pastrami                                  Hard boiled eggs in pita bread

Regular mayo                                         Low-fat mayo. Better still, no mayo!

Cup of noodles                                       Hearty lentil soup

Soda or ‘fruit’ drinks                               100% fruit or vegetable juice

Cupcakes and doughnuts                       Bran or carrot muffins

Greasy fast-food burgers                        Veggie burgers

Regular pancakes                                   Buckwheat, rice flour or blue cornmeal pancakes

Frosted cereal                                         Muesli or oatmeal

Three-cheese pasta                                Herb-and-garlic pasta or whole wheat spaghetti

I’d like to add to this list. For instance, I am never sure if white flour can be successfully replaced with whole wheat flour when baking cakes and pies. Do enlighten!



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LMj Sunshine
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If your grocery cart is filled with the left column items I suggest exchanging one item at a time from the right column. It's going to take awhile to get used to the new tastes and textures but well worth the effort.

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a good start for alternatives, plenty more out there.