13 Surprising Uses for Dental Floss


Most people could probably benefit from a little more flossing in their life. And, no, not just in their mouths. From cutting the perfect slice of cake to fixing a broken umbrella, read on for great ways to use dental floss.

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Around the House.

1. Fix a Noisy Faucet. Can’t stand that noisy faucet? For a quick fix, tie floss around the spout so that it hangs down into the sink. Instead of nosily plopping on the bowl of the sink, the water will just crawl down the floss.

2. Hang Pictures. Sturdy dental floss is a great alternative to regular string or wire when it comes to hanging pictures.

3. Remove Stuck-On Photos. Don’t risk damaging your priceless photos. To remove photos that are stuck into albums, use a piece of floss to slowly coax them out.

4. Prevent Rope From Fraying. This is an old Boy Scout’s trick: to “whip” a rope, or prevent it from fraying, tightly loop the floss around the rope. Detailed instructions can be found here.

5. Give Plants Some Support. Climbing plants often need a little support. That’s where dental floss comes in — it’s a great material for tying plants to a trellis.

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6. Slice Cake, Cheesecake and Cinnamon Rolls. Cut your cakes with magazine photo-perfect precision by using an unwaxed and unflavored piece of floss.

7. Precisely Slice Soft Cheese. Believe it or not, floss is often better at slicing soft cheese than a fancy cheese knife.

8. Lift Cookies off a Baking Tray. To transfer your still-warm cookies to a plate without them crumbling, carefully work a piece of floss under the cookie and painlessly lift them off.

9. Use as Kitchen Twine. Unflavored and unwaxed dental floss is a perfectly fine replacement for kitchen twine.

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10. Re-String Broken Jewelry. Because it’s just so sturdy, dental floss is a really great substitute for jewelry string or wire.

11. Sew Better. Floss is a much sturdier fiber than thread is. So, if you really want your button to stay firmly in place, a little floss will really do the trick. It’s not just buttons, either, floss can easily repair tents, backpacks, and other heavy-duty outdoor stuff.

12. Fix a Broken Umbrella. Don’t throw out that broken umbrella — fix it with floss!  You don’t even need to sew anything (though that certainly would help) to fix it: simply tying the metal spines and the material together will work well, too.

13. Remove a Too-Tight Ring. It got on your finger, but how are you going to get it off?! Well, one good method is to tightly wrap your finger in floss, and then slip the ring right off.

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May give a couple of these a try - esp. slicing cheese.

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