13 Tips for More Serene Spring Cleaning

At this time of year, lots of folks feel the urge to start spring cleaning — refreshing and clearing out their home to greetthe new season. However, just when the weather is (hopefully) getting nicer, you may feel trapped indoors due toall the tasks you have to take care of. How can youmanage to get your spring cleaning done while staying serene?

Here are 13 suggestions.

  • Break the job down. It’s all too easy to lump together three different categories — actual washing and scrubbing, decluttering, andseasonal home maintenance– under the label “spring cleaning.” However, this can make the work ahead of you feel overwhelming.
  • Developa realistic spring cleaning plan for your living situation and needs. If you tend to get discouraged easily by the state of your housekeeping, look for areas of your home that you feel comfortable with and decide what works.
  • Prioritize projects that will keep your family safe. A good place to start is by checking your smoke alarms andcarbon monoxidedetectors. (And, please, if you don’t already have them, get them!)
  • Next come tasks that reduce your carbon footprint. Clean your HVAC system and wash or replace filters. Head up to the attic and look for inadequate or loose insulation. Replace thermostat batteries and adjust their programming for the warmerseason ahead. Vacuum dust out of your dryer vent and bathroom fan.
  • Declutterbeforeyou start wiping and scouring. That way you will clear the playing field, as it were, and make the actual cleanup more manageable.
  • Inventory your existing storage spaces prior topurchasing or buildinganything new. Are they used optimally? Are there any empty or dead spaces? (For example, the shelves in a closet may be arranged with too little vertical space between them, when what you really is need storage room for tall items.HACK: Remove some of the shelves to customize the closet to your requirements.)
  • Avoid storage “solutions” that just create more clutter. Ditto to shelves, baskets, racks, and the like, which will tend to accumulate dust and grease.
  • Schedule a family (or neighborhood)garage saleas an annual event, on the same date every year. Knowing that you need to sort out unwanted items by a certain deadline is motivational.
  • Don’t set overly high expectations for others. For example, your young children may not have the patience or the desire to sort their toys into your neat system of storage containers. In that case, they might be better off with one large toy box — at least everything will be up off the floor.
  • If you live alone or cannot rely on other household members to take part in your spring cleaning, hire a student for a day to help you out. Plan in advance the specific tasks you’d like to have done.DOUBLE BENEFIT: Your hired helper can accomplish a lot, and working alongside him or her will also provide you with motivation.
  • Pace yourself to ward off burnout. One method could be to tackle your home room by room. Alternatively, you might want to wipe down all your major appliances in one session, for example.
  • Decide what works for you. For example, you may be the type of person who feels a sense of accomplishment from completing one major task before moving onto the next. On the other hand, you might function better with some variety — after a couple of hours decluttering inside, you could be ready to head outdoors for a while. If so, take a “break” to clear out your gutters or check the state of your roof, noting any patches ofshingles that might need repair or replacement. Similarly, you might want to attack your whole house in a weekend long blitz, or you might prefer to work at more leisurely pace, spreading the work out over a month or two.

Laura Firszt writes fornetworx.com.

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